Yankee Go Home!

19 12 2008

 I would like to share with you part of an email MST sent me today. Of course I have her permission to do so;

 OH…and guess who was in the gym this morning??????? Arch enemy:

DEREK JETER!!!!!!! AND…he totally checked me out as I walked
by…the dog. It was all I could do to not trip him on the treadmill.


I think she should have thrown a 15 pound dumbbell at him.


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20 12 2008

Look, I hate the Yankees as much as the next avid Red Sox fan, but why is Jeter the Arch Enemy? Last time I checked, he was a standup guy. He’s not a petulant arrogant a-hole like A-Rod (or Manny, for that matter) or a ‘roid freak like Giambi, so what’s the problem? If I’m gonna admire a Yankee, Jeter would be the guy.

And so he checked you out, so what? Take it as a compliment – if he didn’t think you were attractive, he wouldn’t have given you a second glance. He’s single, so he can check out anybody he likes. Considering the fact that he’s been with the likes of Mariah Carey, former Miss UNIVERSE Lara Dutta, Adriana Lima, and Jessica Biel, you should REALLY be flattered that he checked you out.

20 12 2008

Mr. Falcon…where do I begin?
You are certainly free to admire the guy because he’s not as overtly arrogant as other players, but I do not. Yes, he is a great baseball player. However I do not choose to admire someone simply by default. To be honest, the term ‘arch enemy’ comes to my mind when thinking of Jeter because he is a Yankee and a great player (naturally, without help from steroids, etc) and has burned the Red Sox (and therefore me, as a lifelong Sox fan who absolutely takes the games personally) far more often than I would like. The term has absolutely nothing to do with his character or life off of the baseball field.
As for your comments about him checking me out…to put in bluntly -you are a neanderthal jerk, or at least these comments give that perception. First of all, do not EVER assume to tell me (or anyone else for that matter) how I “should” feel. THAT is quite arrogant, condescending, and insensitive.
Secondly, it’s not the fact that he (and his 2 buddies) found me attractive that made me shake my head, roll my eyes, and say “Seriously??” It was the manner in which that attraction was communicated. I walked past all 3 of them behind them while they were running on the treadmills…and all 3 of them had to contort their bodies to look at me, then snap their heads around to the other side to keep watching me walk by, to the point that they almost fell off of the treadmill. A couple of minutes later, while I was standing at the desk waiting for my client and the 3 of them were done with their runs and standing a few feet away, they continued to openly gawk and comment among eachother. Yes, I noticed it…but most of all, I sensed it and ‘felt’ it. It’s NOT a positive, self-esteem building feeling. It’s a dirty, shameful, and degrading sense. And Mr NHFalcon, I warn you to NOT dismiss and belittle that sense as one woman’s neurotic reaction. EVERY woman has it, or at least every woman I have ever met has it on some level. It comes from a lifetime of disrespectful attitudes and actions. Jeter and his buddies may has well just whistled at me and made cat calls…or driven past me and beeped…or made kissing noises…or had a conversation with me looking at my breasts…or slapped my ass…or grabbed their packages in front of me…or flicked my brastrap a-la 5th grade boys…or said that “I asked for it”…or told me how I should feel…whatever. To me, it’s all from the same place…disrespect. And THAT, Mr. Falcon, is NOT a compliment, and it never has been.
If someone finds me attractive, man or woman, I am certainly flattered. It is a great compliment. But when that purely physical attraction is communicated in a disrepectful way, and then with absolutely no interest in intellect, sense of humor, character, etc…then it goes from being flattering to being degrading. And my sense of self-worth is healthy enough to know that, and to not accept it from anyone (EVEN Derek Jeter), and it always has been. Yes, he has dated many very beautiful women, and I’m sure that he will continue to do so. But the fact that those women are noted for their beauty and are all more famous than I am does not cause me to second guess my sense of what is appropriate, acceptable, and respectful…for me. I expect equal treatment from anyone and everyone. I do my absolute best on a daily basis to do the same…and I believe I am successful most days.
And I hope that Derek Jeter is flattered that those beautiful women found him attractive and gave him the time of day. But since he’s still single and hasn’t dated anyone for any substantial amount of time (to my limited “Entertainment Tonight”-fed knowledge)…I doubt it.

20 12 2008

MST, my apologies. I misinterperted what you meant by “checked you out.” I assumed (and we all know what happens when one assumes…) you meant he surreptiously gave you an appreciative once-over and you caught him. The actions he and his friends performed as you describe them were indeed despicable, and are a prime example of those moments in life when I’m ashamed to have a penis.

Again, my apologies.

21 12 2008

OK…so you’re not a neanderthal jerk. 🙂

23 02 2009
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