Two Happy Ice Related Stories

18 12 2008

 First, the SLM family got their power back tonight after the ice storm knocked it out last Thursday morning! I assume they are moving back into their home as I write this. Welcome home SLM family!

 I found this next story while checking out the local weather. Snow is coming and the weather people are calling it a “significant snow event”. They say anywhere between 6-14 inches depending on where you live. Once again, route 128 is the line where you either get clobbered or not. This time though, south of 128 is getting the most of it. In my opinion, anything under a foot and a half is considered a dusting. Three feet is what I would consider significant.

 Well, well, well. I totally went off on a tangent. Sorry about that. What I really wanted to direct your attention to is this super cute story about a baby deer. Enjoy.




2 responses

19 12 2008
Mrs. Chili

I’m still not sure they Bowyers have electricity. I’ll have to call today to find out. Welcome home, SLMs!!

21 12 2008
Laurie B

My hope is that everybody has electricity. As for the solstice get together tonight, the weather brought us snow all day, some brave souls showed up, probably on snowshoes. The 800 ft difference meant that the roads were not open for casual passage. (Mr TBD, be glad that you are in Florida)

Mrschili, a 14′ tree and a small one otherwise, that’s a lot of decorating.

We’re tucking in here, a chicken pot pie tonight, a lasagna tomorrow. Best friend from Chicago got here despite snow. She’s visiting grandkids in nearby town and residing here while she’s in the area.

Mr TBD, enjoy Florida. Here, you’d be moving snow.

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