Silver Lining

18 12 2008

 Last night Bean had her violin recital. As usual, she was awesome. I really enjoy going to the kids extra curricular activities. Last week Punkin had her band concert. Tis the season for kid concerts because Boy2 was also supposed to have his concert this week. On the same day as Beans. Ugh.  It really sucked but I had to make a choice between his and Beans. Bean is blood so I chose hers. SLM2 explained to Boy2 why I wouldn’t be going to his. He understood but it kinda tore my heart out.

 Going to kids events is important to me. I want the little people in my life to know that I care about them enough to show up to their events. I remember being a kid and looking out to the crowd and not seeing my people. It didn’t happen all the time. Just once was enough to make it really suck. I’ve missed several of the Boys events this year because of scheduling conflicts and school.  They seem to ask the SLM’s if I am coming to every single game or event and while I love that they want me there, I hate it when I can’t.

 Anyway, when the SLM family was over for dinner on Tuesday I got excited when I realized that due to the continued power outage, Boy2’s concert would be postponed! While it really sucks that they still don’t have power, I am psyched that I can go to his concert. Unless it is on a school night. My fingers are crossed.

 In other news, we got a few inches of snow yesterday and more is on the way tomorrow. The weather people are refusing to say how much. All they say is depending of the track of the storm, we could see anywhere between 1 to 10 inches of snow. They are also alluding to another “snow event” on Sunday. No doubt we will have a white Christmas.



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18 12 2008

Oh lordy I hate it when we have to make those decisions, too. I want to go to every thing they do but there’s still only twenty-four hours in a fucking day. Terrible system!

They’re telling us we’ll get up to 6 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. I’m skeptical, I think they might be grandstanding. You guys, though, I fear you’ll get it all.

18 12 2008

I heard “3-5” this morning, but I’ll keep listening as it seems the predictions change hourly. The impression I’m getting is that the storm is going to track south, so Boston will get HAMMERED while the mountains won’t get much at all. It’s not supposed to work like that, but there you have it.

18 12 2008
Heather G.

You are such a good Auntie!

18 12 2008
Laurie B

You are a good Auntie.

My niece delivered a grand niece just 24 hours ago. Here’s hoping I’m a good Grand Auntie. We’re on for snow, BEW is waiting it out in PA rather than drive through on Friday afternoon.

Here’s hoping that everybody has power now, and the storm misses your part of the world.

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