Ice Storm

15 12 2008


 I would have posted these ice storm pictures sooner but I had no Internet. We only lost power for about 18 hours. We were very lucky. The SLM family has moved into a hotel. They said they heard that it could be up to two weeks until their lights go back on.  I think it’s kind of cool because they will be coming to my house most nights to cook dinner. I like having them around. Of course I hope they can go home soon but I’m looking forward to regular dinner guests.


 The power went out around midnight on Friday.  When I got up at four, there was no water in the basement. By 5:30 it barely covered the floor. By 6:15 there was maybe two inches and I started to try to remove it.

 Did I mention I was the only one home?

 The Room-Mate made it home around eight. Off we went in search of something to provide us with power. Generators were sold out by six. We camped out in front of Best Buy and waited for them to open where she purchased a power inverter that I hooked to the car battery. The sump pump was plugged in and water was flowing out. By this time there was maybe five inches of water down there. Another forty or so minuets and the brand new wicked expensive furnace would have been submerged. Whew. 


 Dispite the damage it sure was pretty. By nightfall, I started a fire downstairs. We planned on camping out in Ma’s livingroom for the night in front of the fireplace.  After a few hours enjoying the fire, the lights came back on. I was really happy to be able to take a shower.

 Now, the Room-Mates new girlfriend and her two kids are here until there power comes back on.  The Chili’s, and I am assuming, Auntie Teacher have power now. No school though. I am returning to work today. Auntie Teacher told me yesterday that there is a 200 plus person waiting list for generators. Wow.


 Happy Monday!




7 responses

15 12 2008

What caused the water in the basement?

I bet you are glad that “adventure” is pretty much over!

Stay warm.

15 12 2008

How smart are you?! I never would have come up with using the car battery to run the pump.

Glad to hear you weren’t hit too hard and that you’re able to help out others.

15 12 2008
Laurie B

It’s incredible how fast the electric company people can get things done. Considering the size of that storm, they must be shaking and baking 24 hours a day. I know that a lot of people are still without power, it’s wonderful that you are sharing kitchen space and heat and hot water with some of them.

Inverter, what a great idea!

15 12 2008
Mrs. Chili

Your back yard looked exactly like mine did (without the downed power lines, though). Any word on whether we have school tomorrow? I’ve not heard that we’re out, so we’re getting the girls through their school-night routine…

15 12 2008

TBD, the water table is high here and it was pouring rain.

Jules and Laurie, I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with the inverter idea. It came to me while standing in the middle of the basement watching my kayak float around. I just asked myself over and over “How do I get power down here?” Then I felt bad for the environment for running the car for four straight hours. Then I decided that the car probably burns cleaner than a generator. Whatever. It worked.

Chili, as of now(10 pm) it looks like your kids have school. I’ll email you in the morning if anything changes.

15 12 2008
Laurie B

Car power vs. loosing the furnace? Good call.

Auntie, you are very smaht, you did the “first aid” thing. Identify the issue, stop the damage, effect the best plan you can identify. You would be one of the “go to” people in a crises situation..ya’ know, the one with a calm and cool plan.

After the aftermath of all of this storm, we’d talked about getting a generator. We got through the ’98 storm with take out meals and showers at other places, slept at home every night. Then again, we’re older and we might just blow ourselves to kingdom come with a generator..

OK, we’ll either hunker in or go South and get a hotel room.
This storm was different in many ways. Longer time without access to the power grid (though more and more of our friends live off of the grid, this was no major disruption). we are not there, we LOVE being on the grid. We don’t use much but wow, do we ever love it, yes.

19 12 2008
Organic Mama

Beautifully scary pics! Good to hear you were such a smartypants during the storm – way to GO!

Sorry I’ve been a neglectful bitch. Happy Friday!!

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