Yeah, I Got Distracted

7 12 2008

I know I just put up a post and I said I was going to write my paper. Well, I decided while I was writing that post that I would watch some of the Giants/Eagles game. Just before I go to shut the tv off, I saw this commercial.

Are you fucking kidding me? There is no reason this woman needs to go to a personal trainer! I hate how the media tries to make women think of themselves!! So your boyfriend dumps you for some other chick and that automatically means that there must be something wrong with you?

How about this? That guy is a stupid prick! Why don’t you say that, Yellow Book people? Oh, sorry. I guess you don’t say that because so much money is made by making women think there is something wrong with them and you have (or in this case, will help them find) the product they need to make them better.

How these advertising people sleep at night I don’t know.




3 responses

7 12 2008
Laurie B

That add was horrible. There is nothing wrong with her, he’s a dip wad and good riddance. Te things that this society and this telemarket says to young women are just terrible.

There has to be a Pete Seeger answer somewhere in here.

Welcome back, hope you enjoyed the pizza.

I’m happy to see you same old self back every now and again.

10 12 2008

I wonder if by “alone” he meant with a true blonde! That would be alone!

Really, the writers and buyers of ads have no conscience whatsoever.

14 12 2008
Laurie B

OK, you are wicked smaht. An inverter off of a car to run a sump pump? tell me more.

Glad to know that you and yours are ok.

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