I Can’t Think Of A Title For This Post

7 12 2008

 I am guessing you don’t give a crap if I even have a title. Do you? 

 A lot of things have happened since my last POST post last week. It was nice to having a break from blogging and now I am back to writing whenever the hell I feel like it. 

  •  First, I am going to tell you another true story. Again, I swear I can’t make this stuff up. Anyway, I am talking to this woman about her job and here is what she says;

“You know that woman who works here part time?’

“Yeah, she seems really nice.”

“She is but God love her, she is as dumb as a POST!”

 I wish we had that conversation last week.

  •  Hey Chili? When did wordpress go and change the format of the dashboard? Chili? Hey Chili! Put the damn iphone down and answer my question!


 Speaking of Chili, last night I roasted a chicken but I couldn’t remember what side went up so I took a picture of it and emailed it to her.


 When I called her back she said ” Yeah. Flip it over.” It came out yummy. Thanks Chili.

  •  It’s that time of year again. Did you notice the snow? It’s snowing outside too. Just a dusting but still it’s fun. Me and the Room-Mate went out to get our Christmas tree today. She promised me last year we could go cut one this year. Then she said there were some nice ones at the plaza up the road. I really did not want to get a lot tree. I really enjoy walking around the tree farm with a hot cup of apple cider then cutting it down myself. I didn’t argue because I have a ton of school stuff to do. We were gone less than a half hour.


 The back is totally flat but who cares. We will decorate it tonight. Oh, can someone please remind me to wipe the lens of my iphone before I take pictures? Thanks.

  •  Mr. Security really liked being on my blog. I think he will need to make regular appearence from now on.  Anyway, hear he is checking himself out on the net. 


 Peace out peeps. I gotta get back to writing my paper so I can watch the Pat’s at four.




6 responses

7 12 2008
Mrs. Chili

The dashboard got changed a few days ago. I haven’t decided if I like it yet. I also haven’t figured out how to make it snow on my sites (or if I even want it to, for that matter). Have you updated your iPhone yet? The new OS has a bit of a different format, but not so different that it’s freaking me out.

That’s a nice picture of my rings. I’ll have to find an excuse to post the picture I have of you behind YOUR iPhone…

I’m glad your chicken was yummy. I’ve got some turkey thighs that are getting roasted for dinner tonight; I’m still not over Thanksgiving yet, it seems.

Your tree is lovely! We’re going to get ours next weekend as this weekend was devoted to home improvement (and a shitload of laundry). Mr. Chili is busy putting a new floor in Uncle Chili’s room as I write this. We repainted the room yesterday (I did one wall in a sage green that’s the darkest color we have on any wall in the house) and it’s gorgeous. I’ll be happy to move all the crap back into the room, though; the great room is a disaster.

Mr. Security is kinda handsome. You can tell him I said so…

7 12 2008

I love that your blog is snowing and I really enjoy the random stuff. We aren’t getting our tree til closer to Christmas, but we are going to decorate the rest of the house today. Enjoy the Pats game and the rest of your evening!

7 12 2008

The tree is lovely! I love real trees for Christmas.

Hello again, Mr. Security! I agree with Mrs. C – you are handsome.

I like the snow and I like that it accumulates on the bottom of the window!

7 12 2008

Wow, I didn’t even notice the snowing until a comment mentioned it.

You know that game for elementary school kids, Flat Stanley? They send a flat guy to friends and family in far off places and those people take photos of Stanley doing things and send it on to someone else and eventually it gets sent back to the school and they learn about the places that Stanley went. I think that, if Mr. Security and you agree, we should do something like that with him. You’d take a picture of him and send it to a blogger and that blogger would post the photo in their blog. Too silly?

7 12 2008

Flat Mr. Security! What a great idea. I’ll ask him the next time I see him!

7 12 2008
Laurie B

Hey Auntie, the security guy is nice, I’m happy that he likes your blog. Friends in high places and all.

My sister always bakes a chicken backside up so that all of the juices run down to the breast meat. Don’t know, never tried it. I usually work with chicken parts and make a stew.

Dumb as a post?…not a good date. Be careful out there.

Hey, you have cleaning friends that work this side of my world. I’d hire them!

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