Mmmm, Pizza!

30 11 2008

 Today marks the last day of my POST posts! After a long month of POSTing, I am riding in and tying my horse to the hitching POST.


 It’s been fun but I am glad it’s over. Auntie Lurker Teacher is glad it’s over too. She told me on the phone the other day that she was bored with the POST theme.  At least I have been POSTing something you slacker!

 Mr. Falcon, I do believe you owe me a buffalo pizza. And let this be a lesson to you. Do not bet against me. Ever. ‘Nuff said.


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30 11 2008

I’ll let Chili know thew next time I’m in the area and will deliver on my promise at that time.

So, wanna bet on where Matt Cassell and Josh McDaniel will end up next year? 🙂

30 11 2008

Chez Chili stands at the ready to host Auntie’s victory pizza party!!

30 11 2008

Congratulations on sprinting through the finish line!

30 11 2008

Nice job on the “Posting”! Very clever AND imaginative! I am truly impressed mostly because I wouldn’t have had the patience to stick it out and would have said “@#$% it! I’ll get my own damn pizza!” long, long ago.

1 12 2008

What caused you to do this to start with?

1 12 2008

Gerry, someone encouraged me to do it all month and then Mr. Falcon said he didn’t think I could keep it up. We made a bet I didn’t want to lose.

2 12 2008
Laurie B

Congrats, enjoy the pizza. Welcome back to your own life. Post when you want to.

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