I Almost Forgot To POST Today

29 11 2008

 I have had a busy day doing laundry but not like this;

Posting or postadh (Scottish Gaelic) was a process in washing clothes formerly used in Scotland. It means to trample with the feet, or the act of trampling or treading. In scouring woollenclothing, blankets or coarse linen, when the strength of the arms and manual friction are found insufficient, Highland women put them in a tub with a prop – or quantity of water, then, withpetticoats tucked up, they commence the operation of posting, which they continue until every part of the clothes receives an effectual cleansing. When three women are employed, one commonly tramps in the middle, and the other two tramp around her. (wikipedia)

 I used this instead;


 Unfortunately I did not use this pimped out washing machine nor was this woman at the laundry mat to help me.


 Also I had to get my Christmas decorations out of storage so I can put up the outside lights tomorrow, read the never ending JFK book, and go to the market. In an effort to not waste hours surfing the net, I have not opened my laptop since my morning coffee. Not bad, huh?

 What have you been doing with your Saturday?


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2 responses

29 11 2008
Mrs. Chili

I took Punkin’ to the movies, and gave you yet another reason to hate our father. Sorry – I thought you knew that already. Sigh.

29 11 2008

I did a whole lot of nothing really. I managed to get out to walk the dog and feed Pony Express’s cats. I made a green bean casserole since there wasn’t any left over. Oh and I just posted a post that I think you will like. It was Wayfarer’s requested Hot People post. I got sucked into watching the Stand mini series so I’ve been vegging all day long. Not good but my last guest was so helpful in the clean up process yesterday that there’s little or nothing to do.

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