Buzzer Beater

28 11 2008


 This is Mr. Security. He works at one of the buildings I find myself in rather frequently. This picture was taken of him sitting at the security command POST. 

 What you can’t see in this picture is the computer screens in front of him that display images from the security cameras. Mr. Security and I like to play a game called “who can open the bathroom door first.”

 The bathrooms are in the hall and they are always locked. Mr. Security has figured out that when I come in, I go to the office, grab the key and head for the bathroom. I try to get the key in the door before he has a chance to buzz me in. He almost always wins. It’s a challenge because I can’t tell if he is sitting at the command POST or not so he always has an advantage. To mix it up I sometimes wait a few minuets before I go to the bathroom. He usually wins then too. I always give him a wave to thank him and to acknowledge that he beat me again.

 When I asked him if I could take his picture he asked “why?”

“So I can put it on my blog.”


“Because I need it for a POST post.”


“Do you want me to explain it? It’s kind of a long story.”


 So I explain the whole thing and he looks at me like I have two heads and then says it’s ok. Then he needs to make sure it’s a good picture. After he approves it and I start to walk away he yells down the hall for me.

“Auntie! Your not going to say bad things about me are you?”

“No Mr. Security! I love you, you rock!”


 For the record, Mr. Security is awesome. He goes above and beyond the call of duty. 

 Oh, we also play another game. It’s called “please don’t tow my car.”




3 responses

28 11 2008

Mr. Security looks like an awesome guy. The buzzer game is funny….

28 11 2008
Laurie B

Mr. Security can win the bathroom door buzz if you get to win th e”don’t tow my car” contest. Have a good weekend!

29 11 2008

Ah, if only my life were filled with such adventures.

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