TTT POST Edition

18 11 2008


 I would like to live in a POST and beam house. For the longest time, I wanted a log cabin. Then I decided a post and beam would be nice. Ten things my house must have;

1. An open floor plan downstairs.

2. A kitchen island.

3. A three car garage. Two bays for cars, one for bikes and kid toys.

4. Three bedrooms. One for me and the future Mrs. Auntie, one for each of our kids.

5. The master bedroom must have windows overlooking the driveway.

6.  A farmers porch.

7. One of these bad boys


8. Radiant floor heating.

9. A nice big tub.

10. A dyke den. You know, a room in the basement where I will have a couple of leather recliners and a big TV for watching sports.

 Happy Tuesday!


Photo credit: House, swing




6 responses

18 11 2008

So I read #10 and I thought, “That’s not a dyke den, that’s a den from a 1950s sitcom. There has to be a funnier way to say that. Hmmm, what are some 1950s sitcoms? I Love Lucy? No. Father Knows Best? No. Donna Reed?” And then I got it.

That’s not a Dyke Den that’s a Leave It To Beaver Den!

18 11 2008
Mrs. Chili

HAH! Post and Beam! I had that one – it’s number 3 on my list behind lamp post and fence post.

Why does your bedroom window have to overlook the driveway?

Kizz, you are some funny shit.

18 11 2008

The “Dyke Den” and the “Leave it to Beaver Den” are both hilarious! Hmm, since Jersey and I want an open, upstairs area with a pool table, mini-bar, and television…would that be the “Lesbo Loft”?

18 11 2008
Laurie B

Nice house! I hope it all comes true for you.

18 11 2008

“Dyke Den”

“Leave it to Beaver Den”

“Lesbo Loft”

Trying. Hard. Not. To. Say. Anything. Must. Hold. Back. Losing. Control…

19 11 2008
Laurie B

We prefer to think of all of that (minus the pool table) as “Our house is a very, very fine house”. Well, we’re flipping the living room, moving the recliners to the other end and adding the flatscreen big sports-watching tv over the fireplace. It’s a very fine house, two cats and everything.

Our nephew has a “man’s room” at his house. I’d feel odd calling our space the woman’s room… just sayin’.

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