I Have School This Weekend

14 11 2008




I don’t go to POST University but it looks nice. Plus it is in Connecticut which, as I am sure you know is one of three  two states where gay and lesbian people can get married. I don’t think this school is very popular because there are very few pictures of it.

 Have you ever heard of POST University before today?




7 responses

14 11 2008

I had heard of it but, until today, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you where it was.

14 11 2008

Never heard of it.
I could send you something for your “post” thingie, if you want.

14 11 2008

I had never heard of it until today (so, obviously, it wasn’t on my list. You’ve got another one on me!).

14 11 2008

Nope, haven’t heard of it…and I went to school in CT. There was a popular street near my University that could make an appearance later this month, though!

15 11 2008

Gerry, if you have a fun POST picture I would love to put it up!

15 11 2008

never heard of it…but I’m sorry I wasn’t home last night to bring you dinner. How were the dogs from 7-11 that I suggested? 🙂

16 11 2008

I have heard of it.

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