Thursday Football

13 11 2008

 The Pats are playing the Jets tonight. I have no idea why they are playing on a Thursday night. If someone could tell me, that would be great.

 This should be a really good game. Both teams are 6-3 and I hear Ty Law will be playing in this one. I always liked him. 

 In other Pats news, Tom Brady has been in Foxboro working out. This is really good news as he had a potentially life threatening POSToperative staph infection. Luckily it was caught early and treated with IV antibiotics. You can read about it here.




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13 11 2008

Yep, I missed “Post-operative,” too. You’re wicked smaht, you know that?

I think the Thursday games are plays to get more football into prime time; I’m not sure there’s more to it than that, but I bet Falcon can tell us…

13 11 2008
Laurie B

Not only smaht but creative too. Good one!

13 11 2008

Thursday Night Football started on the NFL Network two years ago (I think) and the prime time thing would be great except that a lot of people, including me, don’t get the NFL Network as part of our cable package. When the idea of doing Thursday games was getting tossed around, I think other networks wanted to do it, but the NFL Network got the rights. It’s only a limited number of games though, which is there aren’t Thursday games for the first half of the season. Ultimately, I’d guess that it’s all about money. 🙂

Interesting note: The NFL Network was set to air the Patriots’ attempt at going 16-0, but other networks ended up airing it in simulcast so that more of the public would be able to see the historical game.

13 11 2008

For some reason I want to say the NFL did Thursday night games before NFL Network came around (although Thanksgiving was always the first one of the season), but I could be wrong.

Auntie, I’ll buy you a White Buffalo pizza from your favorite spot once a month for the rest of my life if you keep putting pictures like that up here every day. 🙂

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