Thank You For Your Service

11 11 2008

 In honor of Veterans day;


U.S.A.F Airmen in Afganistan

U.S.A.F Airmen in Afghanistan

 Technically these gentlemen are on foot patrol and not manning their POST. Give me this one people, it is in honor of my friend Auntie Teacher who proudly served in the U.S. Air Force as well as the countless others who have served.

 Happy Veterans day.


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5 responses

11 11 2008
auntie teacher

Thank you for your shout out…it was my pleasure to serve!

11 11 2008

I second your gratitude.

11 11 2008

Thank you for your remembrance of veterans. I am a proud member of that group. USAF: Texas: Viet Nam; Montana (brrr).

11 11 2008
Laurie B

Thanks to all of the veterans. I can’t imagine where we’d be without you.

11 11 2008

As far as I’m concerned, this one counts for two posts.

Thank you to all our sevicemen and women, past, present, and future.

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