You Can Keep Your POST Card

10 11 2008


 So on Friday I had to borrow Chili’s vacuum because mine broke. When I arrived she and the little Chili’s were already gone but the vac was waiting for me at the door just like she said it would be. I found the following POST- it note attached to the vacuum;


Chili has lovely handwriting, doesn't she?

Chili has lovely handwriting, doesn't she?

 Now, I am sure that Mr. Falcon is going to say that this POST should not count because Laurie B mentioned it in the comments of yesterdays POST. Well, if you go here you will see that my story lines up.

 Below is an example of a POST-it  note that I wrote;


Chili clearly got the good handwriting gene. Mine sucks.

Chili clearly got the good handwriting gene. Mine sucks.




As you can see, there is no possible way I could forge Chili’s hand writing. Also, you can ask Mrs. Chili. I am sure she will vouch for me.  If not, I will send out the POST-it note and drag Chili into the lab to submit to a handwriting sample. 

 Having said that, I had no intention of using POST card. Hence the title.

 This is for you, Mr. Falcon;


So there!

So there!


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4 responses

10 11 2008
Organic Mama

Here’s hoping you enjoyed the vaccing and you don’t run out of posts of any kind…21 days to go, eh?

And that post totally counted.

10 11 2008

Once I figured out what you were doing (and I caught on quick – the lamp POST was all I needed), I laid in bed and thought about how many POSTS *I* could come up with. I got 17; five of which you’ve already done (I’m kicking myself for not coming up with “POST Traumatic Stress Disorder!). I’m keeping my list to myself because I KNOW you can do it on your own, and I’m dying to see how you fill in the 13 POSTS I can’t come up with (oh, and one of them was POST card…)

O’Mama will vouch for my handwriting…

10 11 2008
Laurie B

Keep it coming, Auntie!

If you’d waited until Saturday to pick up the vacuum you could have filched some bread as well.

Enjoy the holiday tomorrow.

10 11 2008

AUNTIE AUNTIE! GO to Derfwad Manor ASAP! You are lucky!

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