True Story

8 11 2008

 My work cell phone rang at 2:30 Tuesday morning. I know I should shut it off at 5 when my workday is done but I leave it on in case a client has an emergency. Anyway, here is the conversation;


“Auntie? It’s _________. Sorry to wake you but I need some help.”

“Are you ok?” He had called twice. The first time I didn’t wake up enough to answer the phone. Hell, I didn’t even realize what the sound was until the second call. I figured it must have been bad.


“Where are you?” 

“Scary City.”

“What’s the matter buddy?”

“Can you come down and POST bail for me?”


not my actual client

not my actual client


“I need you to bail me out. I only need $32. Please?”

“I’m sorry bud, I am not allowed to POST bail for people.”

“I won’t tell anyone.”

“Sorry man.”

 I need to remember to discuss with my clients what an acceptable emergency is.


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8 11 2008

“not my actual client” That part cracked me up.

Since I don’t have an office at either of the colleges where I teach, I subsequently also don’t have an office phone. I give my cell phone number to my students with a LOT of warnings on the first day of class. Do NOT call me after 9 p.m. or before 7 a.m. Do NOT make prank phone calls – I have caller ID and I know how to use star-six-nine. Do NOT call me to ask me to pick you up somewhere or to post bail. Just DON’T.

So far, it’s been fine – I haven’t had any trouble and, in fact, it’s been a GOOD idea to give my kids my number; some of them have actually been responsible with it by texting me to tell me they’re going to be late for class or they’re going to miss a conference meeting.

8 11 2008

You’d think that of all the potential emergencies that would be one he’d want to keep from you as long as possible. At least you knew what you’d be dealing with when you got to work the next day.

8 11 2008
Laurie B

It’s only the same friends that can call me at 2 or 3 a.m. that I’ve offered to post bail for. They know who they are and I doubt very much that I’d ever have to. They’d do the same for me but we’re all old enough now that it’d probably be a call for a ride to the hospital instead.

Auntie, don’t you have an answering machine at work that you can dial up and get your late night messages? How do you ever get any rest if you’re feeling responsible to be ready to save the world at any moment, day or night? Thats too much of an adrenalin load for most people!

Have a great time going out this weekend, going by the bank first?

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