Shit Bags

8 11 2008

  Alternativly titled; Don’t Take It Out On The Children You Fucking Fucks!

 Please read this POST!

  Sometimes I get so mad that I can’t think/talk. The words that do come out are loud and if you couldn’t tell how mad I am by the volume of my voice you could tell by the veins popping out of my neck. I have wanted to write about this since Wednesday but I haven’t been able to put a string of cohesive thoughts together to get my message across. Kizz said it how I wished I could. Thank you Kizz.

 BTW, this is not counting as one of my 30 POSTS in 30 days. See below for todays POST.




2 responses

8 11 2008

I should have used your title.

Thanks for the link. I’m that angry, too. It took me all evening to write that.

8 11 2008

Kizz wrote exactly what I wanted to, too. I’ve been composing something very much like it in my head for days now, but I haven’t had the time (or the clarity of thinking that comes from being able to properly manage one’s rage, disappointment, and frustration) to put fingers to keys to get the post off. I’m going to link to Kizz, too, and spread the word about the donation opportunities.

There was nothing “free and fair” about these propositions being passed. What the churches did was wrong, and what the people of Arkansas did was unconscionable. I’m always ready to stand up and speak out, and these decisions have only fueled that in me.

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