…I Feel, Sometimes I Feel..

7 11 2008

..Like I’ve been tied to the whipping POST.




7 responses

7 11 2008

You’re fabulous. I’m enjoying all your POSTS very, very much, and I look forward to trying to guess what each new one will be….

7 11 2008


7 11 2008

You’re so creative with these – I love it!

7 11 2008
Organic Mama

Love these posts!

7 11 2008

I still think there should be a pool. I’ll put myself on the spot and say you “only” make it to 20.

(I hope I lose. I just enjoy these so much I’m hoping to spur her to even greater heights 😉 )

7 11 2008
Laurie B

Hey Auntie, your original rule was that you’d post about whatever you want whenever you want and that you would not post if you just don’t feel like it. I’m fine with that, are you?

keep on with nablomo if you want, or not. It’s really up to you. I will add that I am enjoying your posts too.

7 11 2008

Oh no Laurie, I’m going to keep going. Mr. Falcon doesn’t think I can do it.

Sir, I have already warned you once! 🙂

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