6 11 2008




 Last night I could not wait to go to sleep. I was up late watching election stuff on Tuesday and I had to get up early to do homework Wednesday.  I was running on pure adrenaline until about 1:30 then I crashed and just wanted to go home and sleep. Unfortunately I had to meet with some class mates to work on a project and I didn’t get home until almost 9. Needless to say I went right to bed when I got home. 

 I think I mentioned before that I need a solid 7 hours of sleep to function properly. I got 4.5 on Tuesday night but every time someone talked to me about the election, I got a burst of energy that carried me another hour. It’s been a long week and sometimes…

 To be continued

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6 11 2008

I’m running on too little sleep, too. You’d think, with Mr. Chili gone and my being able to take the WHOLE bed, that I’d be able to sleep pretty well. T’aint so, though. Blah.

6 11 2008

Ooooh, I hope you can be well rested the rest of the week. I need at least 8 hours (though 10 or so is perfect), and when I don’t get enough I start getting sick. It is awfully nice to crawl into bed when you’re super tired, though, and warm pillows and blankets make everything better.

6 11 2008
Laurie B

I’m hoping that the”to be continued” means that you went to take a nap.

6 11 2008
Laurie B

Hey, still snoozing or just stretching a blog? No matter, Good on ya, November is a long blog month.

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