4 11 2008

Not to overstate the obvious but, The Washington POST.


 Oh good! Huckabee is gaining ground in Iowa! I’m going to vote for him!




7 responses

4 11 2008

You’re a riot. I came up with about 12 different “post” ideas, though some of them were duplicates; same-but-different sort of thing. I’m dying to see how long you can keep it up.

4 11 2008
Laurie B

Hey Mrschili!

I’d prefer to think that Auntie has stamina. Go Auntie!

4 11 2008

I have no doubt that you can do this.
But you live in a swing state, so no wasting of votes!

4 11 2008

Okay, I feel silly ’cause I didn’t figure out your “posts” until yesterday. Now that I’m with you, though, I’m really enjoying it! I’d love to see if you can go all month!

4 11 2008

Laurie B, I have been told in the past that I have stamina!

Jen, I can go all month. See above. And thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

4 11 2008
Laurie B

Hey Girl, it’s how you finish. Go the distance, ok? I’d add more but I’d blush..

5 11 2008

Funny! I never thought I’d hear of “Reverend” Shuckabee again!

I’m tickled that Florida went for Mr. Obama. And amazed.

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