30 Posts In 30 Days?

1 11 2008

 Sounds kinda dumb but whatever. Here is my first post;

 This is an English style lamp post. I hope you like it.


Photo credit




7 responses

1 11 2008
Laurie B

I like it. What does it mean to you? Pretty straight, pretty much lit up, looks good in an English pseudo town…otherwise, too much uplight for the yuppy urban crowd. Nice photo though.

If you post for thirty, I’ll comment for thirty. It might not be the best of relationships but what the heck, we’re both worth the discovery time and for sure, I’ve been in worse.

Just so you are sure of this, I am so married to the BEW, no stalking or lust lunges, just a blog reader. Email me if you’d prefer for my commenting not to happen. I’ll try to use my adult brain most of the time.

HAng in ther Auntie, day two is the hardest, after that, it’s ice cream all of the way..I hope.

1 11 2008

HAHAHA!! You’re too funny.

2 11 2008
Heather G.

very funny

2 11 2008
Mrs. Chili

Thanks. Now I’ve got to rinse Ovaltine out of my nose…

2 11 2008
gerry rosser

Post? Well, yeah. Got 29 more of those?

2 11 2008

OK, if that’s what your sense of humor is like, I’ll be here every day for the next 30 days.

At least.


2 11 2008
Organic Mama

Snortle, chortle and damn, that’s funny.
I’m up for this Nablopomo thing too – it’s gonna be fun.

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