A Shout Out

30 10 2008

 My friend MST has started her own blog! Go check her out here. She has left several insightful comments on my blog and I am truly looking forward to reading her thoughts. Welcome to the blogging world MST!

 In other news, I voiced my work frustrations with my boss today. To my surprise, he is in agreement with me and has already begun to fix the problems we are having. I felt completely supported and validated. Of course it is not about me, it is about our clients, but when I feel like their best interests are not at heart I get pretty pissed off . He assured me things would get better but that I better just sit tight because it would take some time. 

 I don’t feel like I should discuss the problems here but I will say that some of the things I have been seeing have made me want to smack people up side the head and ask them what the fuck they were thinking. The clients come to us for help. It is our job to help them, not hurt them and not make them feel worse about themselves. Once again I have found myself in a situation where I have to stand up and do what’s right. I know I am going to seriously piss off some co-workers but I took this job to help our clients. That’s what I plan on doing. 

 In other, other news, did I mention I am excited to vote?!! Did anyone watch the Obama infomercial last night? What did you think?




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31 10 2008

No, it’s not about you, but don’t you want to work in a place where you feel like your ideas are taken seriously? If something isn’t right and NOT being fixed, you wouldn’t want to continue working there. So it is a little bit about you and that’s OK! And great that you and your boss are on the same page. That’s always a good feeling!

31 10 2008

Great! ANOTHER blog to add to my feed reader. As if I have enough time for the ones that are already there!! Seriously, though, I’m looking forward to MST’s writing; I’ll go on over and check her out.

I missed the infomercial on t.v., but I know that I can get it on the internet. Besides, it’s not as if I need any more convincing; he’s totally my guy.

1 11 2008
Laurie B

Any time that you (or me) see something wrong with whatever..the physical world, the management world, the judicial process world…well, aren’t we in knots. Not really, we stand up and say “This is WRONG” And we are right.

As humans in love with human life, we are obligated to take a stand and make things better. I am so very proud of you for standing up, using your voice and creating a chance for change. You, go girl.

I’ve been with Obama from the get go..4 more years of clusterfuck would be too over the top. The next president will have a whole bunch of creating jobs and saying no to tax cuts..we need a new FDR, perhaps Obama is the one At this point, the devil I don’t know is such a better option. Urge your readers to go vote.

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