Ten Things Tuesday

28 10 2008

 I haven’t had much to say lately and I am not sure why. Plenty of stuff has been happening, I just haven’t been blogging about it. I decided when I started this blog that I would write when I felt like it and when I didn’t, I wouldn’t feel bad about it. There you have it. So, this weeks TTT is just a run down of what I have been up to lately.

1. Today, I had a shitty day at work. There are some things going on that I just don’t like. I am not sure how to deal with them but I KNEW today was not the day to do it.

2. I went to Bosses Halloween party over the weekend. I decided I wanted to be something really scary so I went as Sarah Palin. People, for the most part, thought it was a great costume and I walked around telling people I could see Russia from my house. One guy didn’t think it was so funny. Joe 12 pack( read drunk out of his mind) went off on me about how bad Obama is. Jesus was there too and when Joe 12 pack didn’t shut up, Jesus and I had a friendly debate. People, Jesus really is for McCain/Palin, just like she said. Anyway, Jesus was really nice and he knew his shit. Our conversation ended by us both agreeing that it is really cool that we get to choose who we want and that it was cool that we could have very different views but have a nice, respectful conversation. When we parted ways, Joe 12 pack was still talking. 

3. I got to spend a little time with Auntie Teachers family which was great. They have always been so nice and welcoming to me and for that, I am so grateful. 

4. Been doing lots and lots of reading for school. I like readin’.

5. Didn’t end up carving the pumpkins this weekend. The Room-Mate was late getting home.

6. My client had a very frustrating experience with the receptionist at the very busy health center. I heard her raising her voice from across the noisy waiting room. I decided I needed to intervene and as I walked up she said several times “I don’t understand what you are telling me!” By the time I got up there, she had dropped the F bomb. The lady tried to explain the situation to me but I couldn’t understand because of her thick accent either. I remained calm and asked her to get the nurse. The nurse cleared it all up for us. After, I tried to explain to my client that getting upset wasn’t going to get her what she needed. She was able to see what I had done to resolve the situation as well as where she could have done things differently. Good stuff.

7. I am really craving Auntie Teachers chocolate cheesecake. She makes the best cheesecake ever. Hint, hint.

8. I can not wait to vote! I love voting!

9. I am re-watching John Adams because I am using part of it for a group project for school. I LOVED the series and I am glad I have an excuse to watch it again!

10. Gentleman, you may want to stop reading here! I warned you! So, I managed to not get a headache or the blahs after my period ended this month! Yippee!

Peace out peeps!



10 responses

28 10 2008

9. It is a truly glorious series, isn’t it? I think I could watch it over and over. I don’t even know what my favorite part is yet. And I learned so much, too!

28 10 2008
auntie teacher

I got the hint…I will try and accomodate you with the cheesecake. It was really nice to have you with my “blood” family, cause you are always family to me, and us! I also LOVE to VOTE! One more week!

28 10 2008

-Yeah…it is cool that we have a choice, can voice that choice, and have (mostly) respectful, intelligent debate with people whose opinions differ! That being said…Jesus is an idiot (I know…I’m going to Hell).
-Do you share chocolate cheesecake? That’s a fav of mine, too (hint, hint).
-I haven’t seen the Adams series yet, but I love that stuff, and really want to see it…so you’ve inspired me to sit on my butt in front of the tube for a few hours. Thanks.
-I LOVE VOTING, TOO!!! And I’m pretty sure I’ll be up most of the night watching the post-election coverage.

28 10 2008

I don’t care if you share the cheesecake, but will you share the RECIPE?! (give a man a fish and all…)

28 10 2008

It’s good to hear from you again! I know what you mean about blogging every day – I’ve realized that I don’t really like posting every single day. But we do miss you when you’re away for a while 😉

29 10 2008

The image in my head of your Palin/Jesus debate is too funny! But I agree that it’s awesome when you can respectfully disagree with someone and I am looking forward to making my tiny voice heard next week in the election.

I haven’t seen John Adams yet, but I’d love to. I’ll put it on my list of things to do sooner rather than later.

And I totally understand about the random blogging schedule. Part of what took me so long to start my own blog was that I didn’t want to feel pressure to blog at certain times. Once I decided that I wouldn’t force myself to post on regular days I felt like it would be fun.

29 10 2008

I’m sorry you’ve been stressed at work. I can relate!
I can also relate about the debating! If my mother calls me one more time to tell me something else about Obama…
It’s pretty amusing to think of you as Sarah Palin though. Can’t wait to vote!

29 10 2008
Laurie B

Hey Auntie, thanks for posting.

We tend to avoid Halloween parties, neither of us are able to pretend to be anything other than who we are…that’s both scary and boring. That’s us.

I have to tell you that I am so impressed with you as a role model with your clients. You managed to create an equation for helpful exchange rather than a converstaion that leads to ruckus. Stay in school, you’ll easily get your degree and you are already doing something that you are good at doing. That chocolate cheesecake is just a bonus and always available, no doubt.

I’m pretty much past all of that headache stuff but still don’t travel without either Zomig or Imitrex. They helped with the migraines..you might ask your health provider. Always on schedule, four days after. Yours might be different but there are drugs that can help.

30 10 2008

I really don’t have shit to say, but I wanted to make a comment so’s you’d know I was still faithfully reading your s**t (I mean that in the colloquial manner, full of bonhommie and all that).

30 10 2008

Mr. TBD, I know you read. I read you too but hardly leave a comment. That is because you are so well spoken that nothing I could say would come remotely close to the eloquence that flows from your head to your fingers to your blog. Blah, blah, blah. We’re cool.

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