Did You Know..

15 10 2008

.. that I am a bad person who likes to hunt moose?

 Why do they let her speak?



8 responses

15 10 2008

I’m posting about this tomorrow. Don’t they have professionals on staff to catch this shit BEFORE they say it? Does no one think this crap through to its logical conclusion?! Where’s Aaron Sorkin when we NEED HIM?!

15 10 2008

Why do they let her speak? First Amendment, just a wild guess.

16 10 2008

I think it’s a good thing they let her speak…then everyone can see how totally incompetent and inept she is.

16 10 2008

I don’t know what the context is but this is what happens when candidates (or celebs or Joe the Plumbers) get talking points and get to bring up the information in their own way. We get to see what their grasp of the information really is. Sigh.

16 10 2008

I get the First Amendment thing Gerry, it’s just that most often when she opens her mouth, stupid stuff comes out. You would think her party would want to minimize that.

MST, you are right. I think most people who think and reason can see that she is inept. Not all though. Sadly.

Kizz, her grasp, I think amounts to straws. I second your sigh.

16 10 2008

Her party shoulda thunk of that, shouldn’t they?

My suspicion is that any public figure of stature approached by the McCain camp to run for veep turned him down flat. This guy is (and it has been pretty well disguised) an incompetent creep who’s been playing his POW history ever since he came home from the Hanoi Hilton. I think he struck out with the power elite.

And I hope he strikes out with the voters.

17 10 2008
Organic Mama

What astonished me is that McCain really seems to believe Palin is ROLE MODEL! FOr what? Aggravated and aggravating ignorance? Scary people with power? I am so excited to be voting in my first presidential election and even if I didn’t like Obama, I’d be voting against McCain.

17 10 2008
Laurie B

O’Mama, sadly, that explains exactly how most of us vote, the lesser of two evils. Welcome to America.

I’m so glad that the Republicans shot themselves in the foot before the Democrats shot themselves in the foot (as they have done for the past two elections) maybe the Dems are out of feet and had to do something better and smarter. Thanks for voting, many Americans don’t think it worth the bother.

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