Ten Things Tuesday

14 10 2008

All I have is randomness people. Sorry. I am working on something for next week though.

1. I finally got a library card today. The truth is, I haven’t been to the library in at least 10 years. I would rather own books. I am not sure why that is. Sometimes I like to re-read them but I usually don’t. Anyway, with the economy in the shitter, I decided one of the ways I can save a few bucks is by going to the library instead of buying all those books.

2. My library is connected to 12 other libraries in the state. Unfortunately, only one is nearby. They will send books over for you though. I ordered one that I need for class. Super cool and saving me 20 bucks!

3. Me and the peeps went to Spooky World on Sunday. It was fun but we didn’t have enough time to ride all the rides we wanted. They sold these flashing necklaces that kept the ghosts and goblins away. No, really. If you wore one the dudes walking around in costume would know not to try and scare you. Anyway, Boy1 got one and I told him I was scared so I was going to stick close to him. Well, we went on this “scary” hunted ride and wouldn’t you know, he insisted on sitting with me and he held that thing up in the air the whole time! My hero!

4. Back to books for a second. I got the second of three that I needed for class on Sunday. It is called Two Or Three Things I Know For Sure by Dorothy Allison. It was a short one, only 94 pages but it was really good. It was one of those books that as soon as it was in my hands, I knew something in it would resonate with me. Page 3 “Two or three thing I know for sure, and one of them is what it means to have no loved version of your life but the one you make.”

5. Me and The Room-Mate got pumpkins on Sunday. Two years ago (before I lived with her) she hosted a pumpkin carving party. Ma came up after we were done and judged them. Mine came in last. This year, I am using my Dremel to carve it. Power tools baby! I’ll post pictures.

6. Lets go Red Sox!

7. Mr. Chili and I had a text fest last night while watching the game. The Sox got their ass kicked. Already in the bottom of the first it is 3-0 Tampa. I am surprised he hasn’t texted me yet. 

8. I met with my academic adviser this morning. I had some questions she couldn’t answer but she pointed me and the right direction. I really want to make sure I take classes that will cover me for the masters program.

9. Have you seen the Travelers Insurance commercial where the man has the giant red umbrella and he helps all the people? I love that commercial. I think it is cute.

10. Lets go Red Sox!! Sorry kids, I am distracted by the game. I gotta go. Peace!




6 responses

15 10 2008

I love that commercial too. Some days I search the sky for that nice old man and his big umbrella because I’d like to fly around with him too!

15 10 2008

I wonder what it is about insurance companies and those types of ads lately. I’m doing analysis with my students, and I’m showing them two insurance company ads – the Geico ad where they apologize to the cavemen in the restaurant and the Liberty Mutual ad where people go around doing random acts of kindness. Almost EVERYONE thinks that the Liberty ad is better – they think the cavemen are funny, certainly, but they like the message of the random acts better.

15 10 2008

I wonder if you can get those safety necklaces for regular every day life. I need one.

15 10 2008
Organic Mama

May we all get the umbrellas we need!

As for the library, I’ve been taking my kids THERE instead of to the bookstore because free books are free and those we love can go onto a wishlist.

So, these redsocks are baseball, right? 🙂

15 10 2008

Kizz, I’ll see about getting you a necklace.

O’Mama, your frickin kidding me right? “redsocks”? You Canadians only have the one sport I guess.

16 10 2008

Which sport is that? Curling? 🙂

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