Adventures In Baby-Sitting

4 10 2008

 While Chili is at the wedding, I am hanging with Punkin and Bean. They have prepared a list of things to do;

1.Make Spa Berries. These are really chocolate covered strawberries. I am so ok with doing this.

2.Paint our nails. This includes my toe nails too.

3.Photo studio. They are going to dress up in “monkey suits” and take pictures of each other.

4.Make your own pizza. Yeah, not so much with this one. While it is a great idea, Chili left us stuffed shells.

5. S’more nachos. These are graham cracker crust with peanut butter, chocolate chips, whatever other sweet thing you would like on it. Why bother with dinner. Really.

6.Chocolate spoons. Chocolate anything is a good idea.

7.Sparkle teeth. This is just brushing our teeth. Good thing with all that sweet stuff and all.

8.Movie. How we are going to sit through a movie with all that sugar in our system I have no idea.

 I added a couple of things. First, 4.5, and 8.5 is massage Auntie time. Yes, I still have a headache. Currently Bean is rubbing my neck. Also, she is my editor. She has found 4 spelling errors.

 I also added clean up. If we are making a big mess making all this chocolate goodness, we will not be be leaving it for the mommy to clean up. 

 I’ll keep you posted on how we are doing.

 Update already. “Auntie? Can we have hot chocolate?”

“Yeah, why not.” I guess at this point it really doesn’t matter.




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