Sox V Los Angeles Angels of Wherever They’re From

1 10 2008

Even though I still have my headache and looking at the computer screen hurts, I feel it is my civic duty as a (non-paying) member of Red Sox Nation to write a bit about my team. The Sox are, once again, in the playoffs!

The Yankees are not!!

Even better, in my opinion anyway, because the Dodgers and their new skipper are also in the playoffs. Normally, I could give a rat’s ass about the Dodgers. I am happy because Joe Torre, the former Yankees manager, has given the Yanks a great big “fuck you”  by getting his new team in the playoffs. Way to go, Joe! Unfortunately, I am conflicted because stupid Manny Ramirez is also now with the Dodgers. I want them to win, but I want them to lose. I want them to lose more than I want them to win. What I am trying to say here is that I think, and always have thought, that Joe Torre is a brilliant manager. The Yankees were dumb to let him go, and now it really shows.

Today was court day. As you already know, the judge is a Sox fan. Here is a snippit from today’s proceedings;

“Hello Ms. Doing Well! It’s nice to see you with your Red Sox jersey on today! Are you planning on watching the game tonight?”

“I’m not sure, Your Honor.”

“You’re not sure?”

“No sir, I don’t know if I will watch tonight.”

“Ms. Doing Well, the correct answer is: Yes! I will be watching the game tonight!”

“Yes sir! I will be watching the game tonight! Go Sox!”

Of course, he was again being playful. My best guess as to why she may not be watching tonight is because the game doesn’t start until 10. That sucks. In fact, I just had this conversation with Mr. Chili. I usually can’t keep myself up past 9:30. He suggested I take a nap. He even offered to call me to wake me up. I don’t think he knows I have had a headache for 5 days. I really should try to watch as much as I can though, because these games are going to be really good.

Here are some of the players I am really excited about watching;

I picked him first because some of my readers think he is the cutest. I love to watch him play but unfortunately he has a sore hip and he might not see much playing time. Hey Mike! I know some nice ladies who would be happy to rub that hip for you!

Jon is young and he is good. He is the starting pitcher tonight.

I have no idea when Tim is going to pitch next. Even though his last few games have been bad, he is my all-time favorite pitcher. Just look at how he holds the ball!

Jacoby is an amazing player. He rarely misses any ball hit within, I don’t know, a mile of him and he has got a great bat.

And finally,

Youk! Mr. “I Can Play First or Third.” Mr. “I Can Fill What’s-His-Name’s Shoes and Bat Clean-up.”

Go Sox!

Photo credit: Mike, Jon, Tim, and Jacoby. Youk



6 responses

1 10 2008
Mrs. G.

Well for goodness sake, keep your eyes on the red hot hole.

1 10 2008

Mmmmmm! MIKE!

I’m NOT going to be watching baseball tonight. I am going to be in bed by 8:00, because I feel about as rotten as you do. Go, Sox!

1 10 2008

Mrs. G, I haven’t had my eyes on the red hot hole for a long time. Sigh. I am so sorry you fell for that one. In the future, run any baseball terms by me before you use them. I got your back.

1 10 2008

I’ll watch some of it, although I should be sound asleep! GO SOX!!
And I feel the exact same way about Torre/Manny/Dodgers…good for them, and for Torre, but Manny doesn’t deserve it.

1 10 2008

Joe Torre is a good man. I wish him all the best. And if he has to bench Manny to get the best so much the better. 🙂


“red hot hole” hee! Sorry Mrs. G, it was awfully funny, even though it must have been terribly embarrassing.

3 10 2008

I never figured out exactly why Mr. Ramirez sought other employment.

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