I’ll Play Too

1 10 2008

Nearly wordless Wednesday;

I am on day 5 of my headache. Fun!


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1 10 2008

Ooo, ick. I only had 2.5 days and I thought I was going to have to lobotomize myself with a butter knife. Hope this clears up for you soon.

1 10 2008

Seems like there is a variety of maladies going around these days. Hopefully you can lay low and take care of yourself.

1 10 2008
Mrs. G.

Feel better. Hot baths, head submerged.

1 10 2008

You know that a headache of more than, oh, I don’t know, an afternoon or so is a sign that something is wrong with you, right? That a five-day headache is something that ought to be attended to? I’m just sayin’…

2 10 2008
Organic Mama


3 10 2008

I hate headaches. I get some rip-roarin’ doozies.

A five-day headache could imply some malady, possibly treatable.

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