Lets Go Red Sox!

8 09 2008

And Bruins. And Celtics.


 Brady is done for the season. I am trying to be optimistic. I mean, this has happened before! Bledsoe gets hurt, Brady saves the day.

 It can happen again, right?


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A Write In

8 09 2008

 She is getting my vote!

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It’s All Coming Together

5 09 2008

 So lately I have been annoyed by the fact that I don’t really think that a lot of people are able to think outside of themselves. It has been popping up all around me. Chili and I talked about it over lunch today. I shared with her my frustrations when people can’t seem to extend some minor, at least in my mind, considerations to other people. Would it kill you to look behind you to see if there is anyone there before you let the door slam? Do you really think that when you are in bumper to bumper traffic, stopping to let the people who are trying to turn left is going to take up to much time in your commute? Do you think that maybe, if you are going out to get a coffee anyway, you might ask me if I would like one.

 I asked Chili today “When do you draw a line? If I always do nice things for a person and they very rarely offer to return the favor, when is time to stop extending myself?”

“When doing it doesn’t feel good anymore.”

 I have been thinking about this all afternoon. Her answer was a good one I think but for me, it wasn’t enough. Something just didn’t feel right for me and when something doesn’t feel right, I start digging. I turned it around and around and got no where.

 Finally, I let it go. I was sitting outside with a book on my lap. I shut my eyes and tried to quiet my mind. This is what I came up with;

 It’s not them. It’s me.

 I always talk about doing just for the sake of doing. I love doing things just for the sake of doing. I can find equal amounts of pleasure in purchasing someone a book I think they might like (I use this example because I bought three books for two different people yesterday that I thought they would enjoy. And they were wicked cheap! Bonus!) as I can in cleaning the house. For me, the joy is in the act of doing. Usually there are other benefits as well. People typically feel good when you do something spontaneous for them. People like to know that they are thought about. That in turn makes the person who did the nice thing feel good because they made someone else feel good. Win-win. 

 So, again, where I am getting stuck is when I feel like people don’t take my feelings into consideration. Now, the woman who lets the door slam in my face doesn’t really bother me that much. I don’t know her, she doesn’t know me. In situations like that I am more likely to try and explain away her behavior. Maybe she had a bad day at work. Maybe her kid is sick and she is worried about him. Or maybe her head is stuck up her ass. Who knows? The point is is that it bothers me more when it comes from my own people.

 So, while enjoying the calm and pleasantly warm breeze on my porch with my book on my lap I realized that what I think is happening is that when I do things for the people that are in my immediate circle and they rarely seem to think of me, I am maybe not doing for the sake of doing! It would appear that I have an expectation that they will in turn do nice things back.

 You see? It really is all about me.

New Digs

3 09 2008

  Well, I got one office put together. Kinda. Since I didn’t get a chance to follow up with the IT guy yesterday, I arrived to an email saying he couldn’t meet me at 8:30 because he had a meeting. He did end up coming to the office and I hauled both computers to the new site. He said he would come by later to hook them up to the network. He never showed.

 I rescheduled my jail group for tomorrow in hopes I could get both offices put together. I got mine mostly put together. The furniture is assembled and most of the stuff is put away. I still have some stuff from the old office to bring over. I think that I could have put both offices together but my phone was ringing off the hook. Here is a snippet;

“Hi Auntie, it’s Ms. Probation.”

“Hey Ms. Probation! What’s up?” I already saw her in her office earlier in the day so I had no clue why she was calling again. Usually it means one of my clients did something bad.

“I have Back In Jail Girl downstairs in holding. Is there any way you can help me get her placed in either the shelter or your holding?”

“Sure, when do you want her to go?”


“Ms. Probation!??”

“I know Auntie, I am sorry.”

“You call the shelter. Good luck with that because the coordinator is on vacation. I’ll see what I can do here. I’ll call you back in a few.”

 From there I go into admissions and sit down with a smile on my face. I really try to lay it on thick with these people because I think it increases my chances of getting my kids placed. Admissions Girl was on to me right away.

“Who now Auntie?”

“Back In Jail Girl.”

“Oh God!” She said with a sigh while leaning back in her chair. “When?”



“I know! Ms. Probation just called me.”

 I called Ms. Probation back and told her she could come.

“Great! I’ll bring her by around 3!”

“I was really hoping you wern’t going to ask me to come and get her!”

 If not for the above scene, I think I could have put together my co-workers office too. Then I was asked a great question by one of the case managers;

“Why isn’t he putting his own office together?!”

 I have no idea.

 Really all I wanted to convey in this post was my sadness in moving. Observe the following picture from my old office window;

 Sorry about the screen. I couldn’t be bothered to open it. See how nice the view is? There are hay and corn fields to the left and right. The air smells good and it makes for a lovely walk. Oh, and see the flag? It’s new. I went to the program manager last month and told her that the tatered flag we had up was a disgrce and should be replaced. I was happy to see she took my advice.

 This is the view from my new office;

 Sorry about the screen… This picture actually makes it look a lot better than it is. The new office is in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. The good news is that although my new office is small, it is cute and I don’t have to share it. Oh! And the best part is that the cook already set me up with my own stash of chocolate and I get a free lunch! All I gotta do is let him know so he makes enough. Too bad I am not around much for lunch.

I Forgot To Post This Yesterday

2 09 2008

 I watched TV the other day. This Obama commercial was on. 

 I’m not watching the convention tonight. Are you?

Ten Things Tuesday

2 09 2008

 Nine things I didn’t do and one thing I did;

1. I didn’t unpack the box I packed and placed in my car to go to my new office.

2. I didn’t put the two new desks together in the two new offices.

3. I didn’t put the two new bookcases together either.

4. I didn’t pick up the key to my new office this morning.

5. I didn’t meet with my client at the new office today. Hell, I didn’t even make it to the new office today.

6. I didn’t take or return the four (only, thank God) phone calls I got today.

7. I didn’t make any of the phone calls I should have made today.

8. I didn’t do any of my month end paperwork.

9. I didn’t confirm my 8:30 am appointment with the IT guy for tomorrow to move the computers to the new office.

10. I did sit with a very worried client all day in the ER of the local hospital and (hopefully) eased her fears, supported her, and provided her with some comic relief. I am happy to report she is going to be just fine!

 Tomorrow is going to suck. I’ll be in the new office for 7, hopefully get one desk put together, go to the old office and do the computer stuff (why he needs me there I have no idea), go back to the new office, put the computers back together, meet with my client while I put the second desk together (she said she would love to help), write my drug court reports, go to drug court, rush from there to jail to meet with a client and then  run a group. Maybe I will eat something in between court and jail. Who knows.

Don’t Hate Because I Have An Iphone And You Don’t

1 09 2008

 Did you know that there is a web site called Remember It? There is apparently a place you can go and bookmark sites as “lame”. Guess what! One of my posts made it! This one in particular.

 Go here to see the site. 

 Does this mean I am famous or something? Or just lame?