This Is Kinda Fun

25 09 2008


How old is your brain? 

The site instructions are in Japanese, so read below! 
            1. Touch ‘start’
            2.  Bottom left will show you how many sessions there will be.  Bottom right will show set(s) you got correct on the left and set(s) you got wrong on the right.
                It will count down 3,2,1 before each session
            3. Memorize the number’s position on the screen.   You will have to select them from lowest to highest 
            4. Click in circle from the smallest to the  largest number.   each session will add another # to the set. 
            5. At the end of the game, the computer will tell you the age of your brain.
Here is the link. How did you do?



8 responses

25 09 2008
auntie teacher

my brain was 37…is that bad?

25 09 2008

I assume it’s better to have a young brain? I did it twice (because I’m competitive) and got 29 the first time and 25 the second time.

25 09 2008
Laurie B

OK, I’m not doing that. I’m ok with speaking Spanish but not so much in thinking Japanese. I’ll try it for fun tomorrow, my guess is that I’ll come in at about 80.

26 09 2008

What?! WTF?! Isn’t my brain exactly as old as the rest of my body?

gerry rosser, B.A., J.D.

26 09 2008

Bwahahahah! Gerry, yes, of course it is…

I came out as 26, but I got one of the sessions wrong because I had a hiccup on my click pad…

26 09 2008
Laurie B

I tried this just now and I’m getting better with age! The rest of me is out of shape but my brain is ticking along at 25.

27 09 2008
Laurie B

By the way, you deserve to be proud and happy that you are going for the next degree, a BS after your name is probably a good thing. We all know that you will have earned it. You’ve been through enough of it.

You go, Sister. Live large, you do make a difference in many worlds already.

27 09 2008

I’m, apparently, 120 years old.

Greaaat. I thought my laugh lines coming in were bad….

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