Bull Sh*t

23 09 2008

 I have been emailing my program advisor. It just occured to me that she puts her degree letters(M.A) after her name. Can someone tell me why  someone would do that?

Me, in 18 months;

Auntie Chili, B.S.

Let’s get more technical;

Auntie Chili, Bull Shitter in (of?) Counseling.

Must. Go. To. Bed. Now!

Ten Things Tuesday

23 09 2008

Ten quick things;

1. I am not eating dinner tonight because;

2. I was reading and responding to emails.

3. I was reading blogs.

4. I was talking to SLM1 on the phone.

5. If I eat dinner now, I won’t have room for ice cream and I have to have ice cream!

6. Although I was glad for the “getting to know the University and your cohort members” class, I am looking forward to a real class where I learn stuff I can use at my current job.

7. Cook Man at work is feeding my addiction. I now go to his kitchen for my daily afternoon chocolate snack.

8. The Sox only need to win one game to assure a wild card slot. 

9. I would rather they win the division out right but whatever.

10. I was concerned about having clients in my car who have warrants. I called Ms. Probation and left the following message;

“So, say I am driving down the road with a client and I get pulled over for a traffic violation. If said client has a warrant will I go to jail? And if I do, would you come and bail my ass out?”

 She said no, I would not go to jail. Typically they only arrest people who activley hide the person in question. And yes, she would bail me out.

 Kinda lame TTT this week but the Sox are on and I need some ice cream!