Week One

20 09 2008

 I started my first class last night. It is just a one credit class called Dimensions of Learning: Introduction to Cohort Learning. I was happy to find out that I was not the only person who was not accepted into the program yet. More than half the class also procrastinated with their registrations!

 The class is a very diverse one. This makes me very happy! We have one man (poor dude) who happens to be one of my co-workers. He said he was really happy to come to class and see a familiar face there. I thought it was nice too. Also, there is a woman who is about my age who works at the program one of my clients is in. This came in handy because I forgot to write a letter on her behalf and asked the woman if I could email the letter to her so she could pass it on to my client on Monday. 

 We have a woman from Slovakia who just became a citizen two days ago. When she mentioned this, the entire class cheered and clapped. Very cool. She already knew that I was a Sox fan ( we had to partner up and ask each other questions. We then shared our partners answers with the class. Of course I mentioned that I love baseball.) so she turned to me and said “I became a citizen at Fenway Park!”

“It doesn’t get any better than that!” Of course I wanted to correct her by telling her it was Fenway Pahk or just The Pahk but I didn’t.

 The class also contains a healthy balance of black and Hispanic people, some people with children, some older than me and a couple who are younger. Oh, and at least one lesbian. Well, two if you count me. 

 I feel like I already got a pretty good sense of who is going to make it and who will drop out. Everyone was really honest about what their fears were about going back to school. The most common seemed to be failing and paying for it. Obviously, paying for it is one of mine. At this point, I know I will pass.

 Speaking of passing, I would like to take a second to again thank everyone who has encouraged me and supported me through this whole school process. Chili, Boss,and  Auntie Teacher, your gentle nudging and encouragement over the years is really why I am finally here. Without you guys, I’m not sure I would have found the courage to do this. I cannot thank you all enough.

 Enough of that, lets move on. I got some really great news last night. First, I don’t have to take math!! I can take a science instead! Thank God. I really do suck at math. Thank you Boss, Mr. Chili, and Punkin for offering to help me with it though. You guys rock! Also, I can get 16 CLEP credits! I never even heard of CLEP until last night!

” Let me make sure I understand. I can go, pay $55-$75 to take a test, than get full credit instead of taking a class?”

“That’s right Auntie!”

 Sign me the hell up! I have no idea which ones I will choose but I will be using all 16 credits. Me being me, I did ask if I could get credit for watching the John Adams mini series on HBO. She said no but if I felt like it was enough to pass the American History class then to go ahead and do it. 

 One of our assignments is to write a paper based on any article we get from the online library and send it to the help people. We have at our disposal a service of online tutors. They read your paper and give you feedback. Of course I already have my own personal paper writing helper in Mrs. Chili. I am going to mail my paper to both and and compare the results. This ought to be good!

 My first real class is Introductory Seminar:Lives in Context. I have no idea what that is about. Wouldn’t you know that the class falls on P-towns Woman’s Weekend. A small sacrifice. I will have my Bachelors in 18 short months. Yippee!!!!