Back To School?

17 09 2008

 I start school again this Friday. Here is the thing though; I have not been accepted into the program nor have I secured financial aid. There were problems with my application (my fault for not reading the directions correctly) so I am not officially in yet. 

  I was told to show up anyway.

 So, I will show up. There was a reading and a writing assignment. I can bang out the writing assignment in ten minuets. The reading? Well, the book hasn’t come in yet. Hopefully it will be in tomorrow. If so, I will have no problem reading it in one sitting.

 When I get to class, I am going to write “I will never procrastinate again!” 100 times on the board.

 Oh, and I think I am getting a cold. I love going to class all stuffy and sneezie. Hopefully it is just an allergy issue. I’ll know more in the morning.