Ten Things Tuesday

16 09 2008

 Ten photos I have taken in the last week or so;


 I swear I found these like this. I wonder if the young man who did this was upset with his mother that day.


My desk at work.

3. My co-workers desk;

 Why am I showing you pictures of our desks? Well, there is a story that goes with them;

“Auntie! What’s up with you desk?” Grumbled my boss with my co-worker sitting in front of him.

“What do you mean ‘What’s up with my desk?’, nothing is up with my desk.”

“Where is it?”

“In my office?”

“Who put it together?”

“I did, I already told you that.”

“You did?! Well, can you help co-worker put his together?”

“Yeah, I’m having trouble with it. I tried to flip it over and it was all rickity.” Says co-worker.

“Did you tighten the cams?”

“Yes, I tightened the cams!” he said all sarcastic.

 So I head on over and put the desk together on my own because he took off. When the boss asked me about it the next day I said;

“He didn’t tighten the cams. When he flipped it he broke one of the bolts because it was loose. I fixed it. I don’t recommend that it be moved much though.”

“What the fuck!!” was all he said.

4. While we are talking about my co-worker;

 My book case.

5. His book case

 I put that together too. Why is it broken??!! Because co-worker sat on it! Men! Oh, for the record, I put the chairs together too.

6. Thank God the cook hooked me up that day. 

 I ate that bad boy on the ride home. Instant stress relief!

7. So Rock Star played this Sunday. There are two important things to note about the following picture.

 One is the hair brush on the table! It’s hard to see, that’s why I added the arrow. Who does that? Yuck! The second is that Rock star allowed the game on while she played. MST and I had a hell of a time looking around her though. Truly, she only moved during commercials. Later she turned on another tv for us. She loves us!

8. I was at the bank at 11am on Sunday when I got this one.

 I am not sure why the picture is so small but the arrow is pointing to an open Coors Light can. Nice, huh? Typically I refrain from name calling but this guy is a moron!

9. September’s player of the month is no longer with us.

 The Room-Mate was so upset about it that she put the magnet over his face. I wish I had a picture of Jason Bay.

10. This one is my favorite.

 If your gonna put up a giant banner for your guy, don’t you think you could have found a better place for it? He does kinda look like a monkey though.



3 responses

16 09 2008

Two more weeks and you can flip the calendar. Who’s Mr. October?

16 09 2008

Dude, your desk is SO clean. How do you work like that?

That’s your phone with the PB cups, right? I just got that one in purple. Maybe you can teach me how to use the freaking thing! I can sort of text and I can answer calls. I don’t recognize my ring yet and I can’t figure out how to get it on vibe THEN ring.

17 09 2008

Chili, I don’t know who Mr. Oct is. I like to be surprised.

Kizz, I can’t work at a messy desk.

As far as the phone, I don’t think it will vibe then ring. It will do both at the same time though. When open, the buttons on the left side quickly adjust the ring volume.

Make sure your contacts are not more then 10 characters long. Using your name as an example, you must separate it into first and last. If you put your entire name in the first name line it will cause the phone to freeze up.

Also, do not assume that if you missed a call, there is no message. Sometimes it won’t tell you that you have a message.

Good luck.

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