Monday Politics

15 09 2008

Sorry, I can’t make the video come up. Have you seen this yet? The part where Palin says “I don’t know what that is.” cracks me up.


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15 09 2008

hahahahahahahaha!!!! that was my favorite part, too…along with “I believe it’s (global warming) just God hugging us a little bit closer.” As my brother said, let’s hope Tina Fey can retire her Sarah Palin impression in November.

15 09 2008
Laurie B

Yeah, I agree, let’s just hope that the 70%( ?)of Christians that don’t understand that the call is for FREEDOM of religion…hell, hope they don’t vote.

Otherwise Mama Palin is going to grab the swing vote and we are all so much not so well off as we were eight years ago.

Be afraid of the Christians, my friends. They vote in unison, just like Adolph would have liked. Be afraid, be very afraid, and fight like hell for the living.

We can make merry here but what is about to happen is very scary for all of us. Mrschilli, you are a student of this scenario. Here it is again. History repeats.

16 09 2008
Mrs. G.

Tina nails Palin’s smug mouth movement. Thanks for the laugh.

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