14 09 2008

Dear Punkin,

 A long time ago (you were two so you won’t remember), you said when you grew up, you wanted to be just like me. I told you I didn’t want you to be like me, I wanted you to be like you. You know what I mean? I want you to grow up and be your own woman. I want you to express your individuality the best way you see fit, even if I think you are being ridiculous.

 I mean that. I really do. 

 This picture is a perfect example of what I would consider to be ridiculous;


 It’s not the car or the licence plate that I find to be ridiculous, it’s just that it would clash with your hair. It would clash with my hair too. Should you chose to purchase a car in this color, I will not be traveling in it with you.





5 responses

14 09 2008

See? MY problem with this isn’t the license plate OR the color of the car (which, I agree, is hideous, but I bet she never loses it in a parking lot). No, MY problem with this is the fact that the asshole took up TWO parking spaces. S/he’s practically straddling the dividing line. That shit’s just not okay.

14 09 2008

Take it easy Mrs. Chili!! The car is at a stop light. The driver simply stopped a wee bit past the stop line.

14 09 2008
auntie teacher

It might not have been the persons nickname….it just might be the name of the car…it is the color of pie!

15 09 2008

My grass is blue, my hair is gray, and my eyes are green. (At least one is) You gotta love someone who’d drive a punkin colored car. They most likely march to their own drummer.

Dr. B

15 09 2008

I try to always get neutral-toned cars. That way there’s little chance they’ll clash with my hair, or with my superbly-coordinated outfit.

You should ride with Punkin’ Pie no matter the color of her car.

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