Ten Things Tuesday

9 09 2008

 I have decided to be be more mindful of the random nice things people do for me whether they are my peeps or complete strangers. My lunch conversation with Chili and my subsequent blog about said conversation made me realize that I may not be paying as much attention to all the nice things people do. This past week I have decided to give zero energy to rudeness and people who are inconsiderate. So far, that has worked out well for me. Here goes;

1. The Room-Mates mom invited me down for dinner.

2. The cook at work hooked me up with chocolate and a glass of milk.

3. The elderly woman at the gas station accepted my apology when I cut her off at the pump. It was difficult for me to apologize to her because she didn’t get out of her car for a long time and then she was inside paying for a long time. I actually had to pull away from the pump and wait for her to come out. I told her that I was so sorry that I took her pump, that I truly didn’t see her waiting, that when I did see her I tried to move but she was already backing in to another pump. This sweet elderly woman reached for my hand and said “That’s OK sweetie, it happens.”

4. When explaining my program to a group of inmates, one of my re-incarcerated clients said “And if you don’t need any of that stuff, she is great to just talk to.” At that, an older woman said “I can tell you are easy to talk to. You respect us. We don’t get a lot of that in here.” I thought that was a great compliment. I spent ten minutes talking to them and they could tell I respected them.  Good stuff.

5. Auntie Teacher invited me to go the the seafood festival. I declined but I was super glad she thought of me.

6.  Several of my clients asked me how I was doing before I had a chance to ask them how they were doing. In my line of work, this is a very good thing because people who struggle with addiction can’t usually think beyond themselves. Not only was I glad they were curious as to my well being, I am also glad they are in a better place.

7. Chili called me a few days after our lunch to check in on me too. She knew I was troubled and I had a really bad (or wicked, as we like to say around these parts) headache that day. 

8. While driving, lots of people let me in to the line of traffic.

9. Several co-workers and clients (not mine) offered to help me lug stuff up to my new office.

10. The SLM’s invited me over to watch the football game. SLM1 called me to ask me if I wanted anything in particular to eat or drink. I thought this was super nice.


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