Lets Go Red Sox!

8 09 2008

And Bruins. And Celtics.


 Brady is done for the season. I am trying to be optimistic. I mean, this has happened before! Bledsoe gets hurt, Brady saves the day.

 It can happen again, right?


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8 09 2008

It can happen again. Right? RIGHT?!

I heard the words “season-ending surgery” on NPR on my way home from class tonight. Day-am.

Bruder Chili has got to be some kinda pissed; he had Brady on his fantasy team; sucks to be him right now. Still, Cassel did pretty damned okay yesterday which, given who he has to work with (*koff*Randy Moss*koff*) doesn’t really seem that hard.

My prediction? We’re going to do just fine this season. Just you wait.

9 09 2008

As little as I revere football players, I wish them no harm, and am sorry Mr. Brady suffered an injury.

BTW, sorry we did not get to see you this past weekend. The storm shortened our trip.

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