I Forgot To Post This Yesterday

2 09 2008

 I watched TV the other day. This Obama commercial was on. 

 I’m not watching the convention tonight. Are you?

Ten Things Tuesday

2 09 2008

 Nine things I didn’t do and one thing I did;

1. I didn’t unpack the box I packed and placed in my car to go to my new office.

2. I didn’t put the two new desks together in the two new offices.

3. I didn’t put the two new bookcases together either.

4. I didn’t pick up the key to my new office this morning.

5. I didn’t meet with my client at the new office today. Hell, I didn’t even make it to the new office today.

6. I didn’t take or return the four (only, thank God) phone calls I got today.

7. I didn’t make any of the phone calls I should have made today.

8. I didn’t do any of my month end paperwork.

9. I didn’t confirm my 8:30 am appointment with the IT guy for tomorrow to move the computers to the new office.

10. I did sit with a very worried client all day in the ER of the local hospital and (hopefully) eased her fears, supported her, and provided her with some comic relief. I am happy to report she is going to be just fine!

 Tomorrow is going to suck. I’ll be in the new office for 7, hopefully get one desk put together, go to the old office and do the computer stuff (why he needs me there I have no idea), go back to the new office, put the computers back together, meet with my client while I put the second desk together (she said she would love to help), write my drug court reports, go to drug court, rush from there to jail to meet with a client and then  run a group. Maybe I will eat something in between court and jail. Who knows.