Don’t Hate Because I Have An Iphone And You Don’t

1 09 2008

 Did you know that there is a web site called Remember It? There is apparently a place you can go and bookmark sites as “lame”. Guess what! One of my posts made it! This one in particular.

 Go here to see the site. 

 Does this mean I am famous or something? Or just lame?




4 responses

1 09 2008

Doesn’t mean you’re famous, it means you’re MORE famous.

1 09 2008

Who thinks this shit up, anyway? I don’t think you’re even a little lame. Well, okay… SOMEtimes, but you know what I mean…

I think most of that crap is computer-generated, anyway. I went through a spell where I was being linked on all kinds of weird sites, but I think they just had a program that searched for keywords. I didn’t look – did your “lame” post have the word “lame” in it?

1 09 2008
Laurie B

Didn’t read it, don’t believe it. Whatever it is is not true. Don’t buy into that.
We, the family and friends, that have been hanging with you a while and will just stand up and say ” Not our girl, go pick on somebody else”. OK, That’d be go pick your nose and not pick on Auntie.

Hang in there Auntie,

I have to get up very early to go help a local golf course with some aeration things..also we are away after that for a cousins retreat with BEW cousins. Mostly born again christian/rebuplicans. I know that going in and my declaration of independance was that me and my BEW would share a room. Most cousins were ok, as if they had a vote. Never mind that the cousin that was the most huffy about us spent a week at our camp. Maybe our rules should include “wanna stay at our place? no homophobes”. Just sayin’.

Thanks for your posts and your sense of life and family.

2 09 2008

As a matter of fact Chili, my post did have the word “lame” in it.

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