27 08 2008

I said to my co-worker, TSF, that I was goi g to the deli to get some lunch.
” Oh. I was just going to ask you if you wanted to walk to Dunks with me.”
“Sure. I’ll go for the walk.”
“Ok. Let’s ask Deli Girl if she wants a coffee.”
She did. We walk down and order the two coffees and start to walk back.
“Dude, where is you coffee?”
“I’m quitting. Down to one a day.”
“No way!”
Today I had no problem with just the one. I haven’t been getting the plain I we coffee yet but I am almost there.




3 responses

27 08 2008

What’s “the plain I we coffee”?

27 08 2008

A very good question Mrs. Chili! A “plain I we coffee” is nothing! I posted from my phone that didn’t like what I typed. It was supposed to be a plain ‘ole coffee. The iphone thought I spelled incorrectly and changed it with out me noticing.

27 08 2008

Yeah – the iPhone’s auto spell-check leaves something to be desired. I wish I could teach it to spell w-e-r-e as “we’re” first, rather than leaving out the apostrophe. Maybe there’ll be an update some time…

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