Ten Things Tuesday

26 08 2008

 I was going to delete the comment from the Kiss My Face person but then I decided as a service to you, my loyal readers, I would keep it so you could use the code and get the discount if you are so inclined. Then I got to thinking that maybe, just maybe if I listed some other products I use,  they would send me codes too! Let’s give it a whirl;

1. Breyers chocolate ice cream. 

I love this stuff and have for years. For plain chocolate, nobody does it better then Breyers. I eat it almost every day. Sometimes the store doesn’t have it and that makes me feel sad.

2. Starbucks coffee. 

 The extra bold Italian roast is my favorite. 

3. Milk

Milk is never on sale. Why is that? Besides coffee, it is my favorite thing to drink. I can go through a gallon in two days easily.

4. Soap

 The price of soap is pretty reasonable but I wouldn’t mind a coupon for it.

5. Tampons

 I get irritated every time I have to fork over good money for these things! And no, it’s not because of PMS smart ass!

6. Toothpaste

 I like Tom’s and use it even though it is more expensive than regular toothpaste.

7. My phone plan

Shouldn’t I get a deal because I have been a customer for soooo long? Give me a break! And, when almost all of my friends use the “Can you hear me now?” dude, I stayed true. Show a girl some love, would ya!

8. I know, it’s a stretch but, gas.

 I’ll take any coupons from any local gas stations except Mobil or Exxon. I won’t buy gas from homophobes.  There is actually a place by Chili’s and a place by the court house selling gas for $3.49 a gallon. I so wish it was $2.49 a gallon.

9. Laundry soap and dryer sheets


 I am only thinking of this now because I need both products. Please hurry with the coupons because I do my laundry on Saturdays.

10. Boursin cheese

 This stuff is so good! I just ate a hamburger with it. It is also great on a baked potato or crusty bread. At $3.99 for a tiny package, I don’t buy it very often. Yum!

 Except for the gas, I am loyal to all of the above brands and have been for years.  








Photo credit; Breyers, Starbucks, Hood milk, Olay Soap, Tampax, Tom’s of Maine, AT&T, Shell, Tide, Bounce, Boursin