Thanks Kizz!

25 08 2008

 Kizz was in the neighborhood this weekend! I got to spend some time with her over at Chili’s place. Two blogging buddies in one weekend! Cool!

 Kizz took a ton of pictures of the family. I took some of her too.

This one I took with my camera. The next one was taken with my phone.

 I was reluctant to have my own picture taken. I had to give in when she had Punkin and Beaner drag me over. I’m glad she did because there really aren’t a lot of family pictures.

 This next one was also taken with my phone. Beaner was climbing the tree while waiting for her turn in front of the camera.

 I didn’t doctor any of these pictures. I thought they were fine as is.

 It was a really good day for me. I had a blast with the family. I had a noodle fight (the pool toy variety, not the pasta variety) with both girls. Bean I took easily. Punkin, not so much. She may have been a knight in another life. I did what any self respecting Auntie would have done; I charged her and threw her over my shoulder. Later I enjoyed a bit of cuddle time with them both. Good times. When it was time to go I had the honor of shuttling Kizz to her next stop. It was nice to have her to myself for a bit. I would have liked more time but I was grateful for what I got. No cuddle time with her though..

 Prior to going up to Chili’s, the SLM family came by for lunch and a swim. I have been working on teaching Boy2 how to dive. I cannot tell you how many belly flops the kid has done. Ouch. I taught him how Chili taught me; crouch down and fall  head first in. He got that no problem but he had a heck of a time doing it standing up. Belly flop or folded in half every time. Finally, I had him visualize himself doing it. I had him on the edge of the diving board with his eyes shut and I talked him through the whole thing. I asked him if he could see it, he said yes.” Can you feel it?” “Yup. ” Ok buddy, do it. He wanted to know if he should keep his eyes shut. I told him to do whatever he wanted. I stepped off the board, he took a breath and in he went. He nailed it! Well, his legs were kind of froggie but aside from that it was perfect! He did several more with no problem. 

 Oh yeah, the main point of this post was to thank Kizz. She found some lips she thought I would like.

 The Burt’s Bees does not turn my lips white! I like them both equally and I am trying to decide if I should put one away or use them both. If I use them both, I think I will use Burt’s when I am feeling more on the dyke-ish side and the Kiss My Face when I am in touch with my girly side. Or I could use them both at the same time. The Burt’s would have to be the top though..

 Anyway, thanks again Kizz, you rock!