Conspiracy Theory

11 08 2008

 I decided I spend way to much money on coffee. My daily total at Dunks was at least 6 bucks. That’s just Dunks. 42 freaking bucks a week! 2,184 bucks a year. Holy Shit! Honestly, I never thought of it that way. 

 Last week I decided I needed to cut back. Way back. I knew I had to do it slowly. I decided instead of my medium and (at least) small mocha latte I would just do a small in the morning. If I wanted more coffee I would force myself to wait until I got home and brew a cup of decaf. My plan worked well despite the temptation;

  • Very Friendly Girl in records worked very hard for me last week. I needed several charts pulled and either faxed or put aside for me. She was happy to help and as a small token of my appreciation, I told her I would by her a coffee. By the time I had a moment to do it, it was 2 p.m.. Just about the time I would normally buy my second latte. I walked out with her coffee and her coffee only. Score one for the wallet. 
  • Stupid Starbucks sent me an email telling me you can get a buck off your second coffee of the day. All you have to do is bring in your receipt from the morning. Bastids! I love Starbucks. Their coffee, and mocha lattes in particular, are far superior to Dunks. I avoid them because they are much more expensive. They are taunting me.
  • “Hey Auntie! I’m going to Dunks! You want one?” People seem to be asking me this a lot. “No thanks, I’m all set.”
  • Today, the Room-Mate gave me two coupons for $1 off a medium latte.

 They are all out to get me. I feel pretty confidant I can use the coupons and not relapse. Oh God! I sound like my clients!

 Really though, I hope to be at one Starbucks a week on Fridays. My plan is to switch to a small iced coffee from Dunks first then ween myself off of that. 

 Time will tell.