I Changed My Mind

6 08 2008

 It was Mr. Traitors day in court today. As you may or may not know, the Yankees won two out of three and he was allowed to wear his Yankee attire in the court room. 

 His name was called.

 The judge smiled his cute smile, looked down and shook his head. He reached. He grabbed. He placed a Yankee cap on his head.

 Some members of the audience clapped. I did not. 

 He said some things about wearing hats in the court room, I don’t really know for sure what though. I was, once again, in shock. They exchanged some words. Again, I can’t be sure what.

Then the show went on. Ms. Po said; “I would like the court to know that I bought the hat for the judge…” Blah, blah, blah.

 The hat came off.

 When they were done discussing his case, the judge said; “Mr. Traitor. You are under the cloak of immunity for today only. Do not show up wearing that jacket again!”

 “Until the next series, your honor?”

 “Until the next series Mr. Traitor.”

 So, I am herby removing his honor from my secret boyfriend list because he put that piece of crap on his head. I don’t even “like” boys anyway so whatever.




6 responses

6 08 2008

Hey, come on, now; a deal’s a deal…

6 08 2008

Chili, the deal was that Mr. Traitor could wear his Yankees stuff if they took 2 out of 3. The PO suggested that the judge wear a Yanks shirt if they won the series. He DID NOT agree to that!

6 08 2008
Laurie B

I’ve lost track here but as a friend of justice I think that “baseball and balls” have nothing to do with justice. Is this an “old boys” network of pissing into the wind or what?

Someone please save us from this form of justice. Does this kid deserve a better court? Do we as a society deserve a better court system? If his crime is a minor thing, then let it go. If not, then get on with it. Sixty year old judges with Yankees caps on backwards look stupid. Who has the nerve to tell him so?

P.S> loved the photos, if both kids ate chocolate covereds out of the bag you would have been kayaked home faster.

7 08 2008

Laurie B, this is exactly what this kid, and everyone in this court needs. Maybe you haven’t been reading but this has been an on going playful exchange between the two of them.

This judge sees the same people every week or every other week. It’s drug court. They go because they have problems with drugs. Most of the time the judge is serious. He has to make very hard judgments against them. Judgements that could possibly save their lives.

What he is doing is showing this young man, and everyone else in his court room, that he is human, that he has a playful person, that he can relate to them on some level. In this case he can relate through baseball. The other message he sent was that if they do what they need to do, we all can have a bit of fun.

I really like this judge. He holds people accountable for their actions and when they do a good job he tells them so. He recognizes their hard work and the progress they have made and tells them out loud that he is proud of them.

And he didn’t put the hat on backwards.

7 08 2008

I, of course, have encountered many judges in my day.
Never saw one don a baseball cap, although one did show me his pistol in his ankle holster one day.

I think a little humor and humanism in the courtroom is a good thing.

7 08 2008
Laurie B

As long as the work of the court and the probation office goes on then I can see how humor fits in to the picture. I do hope that the judge doesn’t do this kind of stuff for trials of more serious nature though. I guess I just expect people to be professional in whatever their job may be.

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