I Changed My Mind

6 08 2008

 It was Mr. Traitors day in court today. As you may or may not know, the Yankees won two out of three and he was allowed to wear his Yankee attire in the court room. 

 His name was called.

 The judge smiled his cute smile, looked down and shook his head. He reached. He grabbed. He placed a Yankee cap on his head.

 Some members of the audience clapped. I did not. 

 He said some things about wearing hats in the court room, I don’t really know for sure what though. I was, once again, in shock. They exchanged some words. Again, I can’t be sure what.

Then the show went on. Ms. Po said; “I would like the court to know that I bought the hat for the judge…” Blah, blah, blah.

 The hat came off.

 When they were done discussing his case, the judge said; “Mr. Traitor. You are under the cloak of immunity for today only. Do not show up wearing that jacket again!”

 “Until the next series, your honor?”

 “Until the next series Mr. Traitor.”

 So, I am herby removing his honor from my secret boyfriend list because he put that piece of crap on his head. I don’t even “like” boys anyway so whatever.

TTT Second Effort

6 08 2008

Lets try this again, shall we?


Here we have young Punkin licking the chocolate out of the donut bag. I may or may not do that too.


 “Beaner, Auntie is tired. Can you paddle us back to the house please?”


The sun setting in P-town.


 My best friend took this one while vacationing in Utah. 


There are no roads in Fire Island, NY. The rule is, if you fall off the boardwalk, you owe everyone in your party a six pack.


Chili bestowed me with this honor. I have no idea how to get it into my side bar.


Carnival in P-town. I don’t have wings so I guess that makes me just a plain ‘ole Godmother. 


This was in P-town too. I have no idea who these woman are or why their pictures are on the side of this building (do you MST?), but I love it.



A dragonfly on my elbow.


This is me at work a couple of years ago. Can you believe they put me in charge of 12 kids and 5 staff?