A Baseball Poem

1 08 2008

 This showed up in my in box today;

T’was the night before August and all through the Nation
> the fans on their feet in a standing ovation
> Ramirez — the baby — is off to L.A.
> So who is this guy they call Jason Bay?
> He bats from the right and throws that way too
> And produces the home runs; he has 22
> Will he ever be Manny? “Not a chance” might be true
> But when he hits his first homah, we’ll all say “Manny who?”
> He’ll protect our Big Papi and with Mike at his back
> He’ll make up for what with Ramirez we lack:
> Good defense in left field, base-running skill too
> And he’ll run out the grounders unlike you-know-who
> If you look at the stats, Bay’s a star on the rise
> While Manny – his stature – is shrinking in size
> Just look at the stats. Can you guess who is who?
> Player 1: .282 22 64 .375 .519
> Player 2: .299 20 68 .398 .529
> (I’ll give you a hint: Good-Bye Player 2!)
> With the A’s due in town, get the offense on track!
> But will Papi and Bay will be a formidable attack?
> At the end of the day brings an unnerving truth:
> Yes, Papi and Manny were like Gehrig/Ruth
> So here’s some advice from a local Sox fan
> Please try to get it right if you can:
> Say “Wall”; not “Green Monster”
> Pronounce “Pahk” with no “R”
> Produce like you’ve been doing and you’ll be a star.
> The “bleachers” are in right field
> Pesky’s Pole’s “down the line”
> Say “I hate the Yankees” and you’ll fit in just fine.
> By the way Red Sox Nation, raise your glass in a toast
> Pay homage to an old friend who’s on the West Coast
> He’s a friend of the Nation and a really good sport:
> Thank you, thank you, oh thank you dear old friend Frank McCourt
> So we hope for the best as the day turns to night
> I’ll just finish my poem and turn out the light
> But as I try to sleep, I turn and I toss
> Jason Bay for Ramirez, Hansen, and Moss?
> Did we make the right choice? Did we give up too much?
> Will Jason Bay ever hit in the clutch?
> I find I can’t sleep and I sit up in fright
> I know Manny was wrong; God I hope Theo’s right.
> But what about Manny? How hard will he play
> Now playing with Nomar and Lowe in L.A?
> I promise you this, there’s more to his story
> As you head off to bed, say a prayer for Joe Torre!
> Go Sox!!!