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31 07 2008

 Jules wanted to know more about my mission. Really, Jules, I can’t really talk about it. At least not here. I probably shouldn’t even be talking about it out loud. Essentially I am doing someone else’s job. If their people found I was doing it they might get in trouble. See?

 The thing is, this thing is much bigger than I thought at first. I told the person that even though I am the kind of person who believes in doing things with out expecting anything in return, if my info helps them, I want something! Something that is very valuable to me. I was told we had a deal! Honestly though, especially in this case, knowing that I helped would be enough. 

 Can I just say that by the time I got home yesterday, I was exhausted! I did some more paddling and uncle Chili and I tossed the ball a bit more but nothing major. Whew! Maybe it was all the fresh air or maybe because I got 5 hours of sleep the night before. I am sure it has nothing to do with not being 20 anymore. 

 The Red Sox can (and should) trade Manny today. Really, let him go. Yesterday he said some trash about how when the Sox don’t want a player around anymore they start saying bad things about the player to make the fans dislike him. Bull! Manny, you brought this on yourself. You slapped Youk in the face, you shoved the elderly secretary, your base running sucks, your fielding is inconsistent, and you have a bad attitude. I really don’t care what your batting average is, you need to go. The trade deadline is 4 pm and there are rumors about a possible trade with the Marlins. I don’t care where he goes or who we get, just get rid of this bum!

 Auntie Teacher is lurking. When I try to tell her something she says “I know, I read your blog.” Maybe leave a comment once in awhile, huh?  Would it kill ya?




4 responses

31 07 2008
Mrs. Chili

Really; I’m SO happy you came up. Oh, and thanks for leaving the kayak – I went out last night on the smooth lake and watched the bats collecting their dinner over the surface of the water. It was cool.

31 07 2008
Laurie B

Lakes are special places, you can kayak around to where you started from and not have to leave a car ten miles away down river. Sometimes going in circles is a good thing. Your lake appears to be much bigger than our little wee one. It might be difficult to circle all around yours. Glad you had fun.

31 07 2008
Auntie Teacher


31 07 2008

You couldn’t have picked a better time to de-lurk my friend!

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