See Ya!

31 07 2008

Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nha, hey-hey, goodbye! Pack your shit Manny, you are out of here! Have fun with Joe and the Dodgers!



 The Red Sox players voted 24-1 to get rid of him! The news is reporting that the only player who wanted him to stay was David Ortiz. The news man said someone in the club house said his (manny’s) behavior was “infectious.” See! It’s not just me!






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31 07 2008
Mrs. Chili

BUH-bye! Of course, this puts a fair bit of pressure on Ellsbury and Crisp, and I’m hoping that Ortiz stays healthy.

31 07 2008
Auntie Teacher

I say “Let the door hit him in the ass on the way out…hard and repeatedly!”

31 07 2008

I get wanting him to cut the crap but it’s not like this is NEW crap. He’s always been a grandstanding little fucker and this team has a certain chemistry. For all their troubles they actually work together so I’m not gonna be quite so gung ho about his departure. Let’s wait and see how everyone does.

1 08 2008

I know it’s not new crap, Kizz. I have reached the end of the rope with him though. I was hoping he would grow up. He didn’t. He got worse. The team will be just fine without him. No, they will be better without him.

1 08 2008

Bay is six years younger, $12.5 million cheaper, plays better defense, is a better baserunner, and isn’t an immature, arrogant, lazy a-hole. The only statistic this season where Manny is noticeably better than Bay is batting average (.304 vs .281). In every other category Manny is only negligibly (sp?) better, or Bay is actually better (if only by a bit).

Losing Hansen and Moss doesn’t bother me all that much. At one point Hansen’s future was bright and he was designated the Sox’s closer of the future, but he’s been maddeningly inconsistent of late and Boston has a young, dominant closer in Papelbon. Moss has some potential, but I don’t consider his loss to be a devastating one, either. His strong suits seemed to be defense, a good arm, and a personality completely the opposite of Manny’s. Offensively, however, he’ll probably wind up being a decent batting average guy with mid-range power production, at best (think perhaps Mike Greenwell).

1 08 2008

I still cannot believe how wound up all you folks get about the professional life of a businessman none of you know personally. For that matter, how you care about that facet of the entertainment industry known as “sports” and particularly “baseball.”

Back in high school is when my disinterest started. (Wait! Technically, wouldn’t disinterest exist from the beginning, and either drift towards interest or not? Hmmm.). I was not athletic. Thus, I was not lionized by my fellow students. I did not get all the cute chicks. Nobody held pep rallies for me (and the other eggheads). Various paeans to “school spirit” did not address my interests. It’s not that I have any particular dislike for those people, or what they do, but it wasn’t me.

Even now, society is full of ridiculous sports metaphor. I saw a car dealer ad last night where the guy said “Running a successful car dealership requires the same thing as a winning sports team: teamwork, determination, blah-ta-de-da-blah.” There’s this old thing some Englishman said that the British Empire was formed on the playing fields of Eton or some such crap.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not couched ad hominem to my wonderful host here or the rest of you. Maybe I’m just an odd duck.

1 08 2008

I couldn’t agree more NH Falcon! Gerry, to each his own.

2 08 2008

Absolutely right, to each her/his own.

When I say “I still cannot believe . . . ” it is, of course, just another way of saying “I don’t understand . . .” I am sort of literal-minded, I guess, and so I assume, and hope, everyone reads my thoughts that way. If I had meant “You are wrong to be enthusiastic about professional sports . . .” I would have said just that. So, since I’m new to your blog, I hope you understood what I said the way I meant it. I guess I could have said “I don’t understand the attraction . . .,” or, maybe, “My DNA is missing the gene for big-time sports fandom . . .” Something like that.

3 08 2008

I get your meaning , Gerry. No worries! My DNA is missing the cooking, crafting, make-up, and handbag genes. Why woman feel the need to carry such large handbags I will never know.

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