Ten Things Tuesday

30 07 2008

 I’m at the lake with my family. I drove up early yesterday and played with them all day so I had no time to write. The entire Chili family is sleeping right now and my guess is they will be at least for the next two hours. It’s quiet so I will give you my ten things now;

1. The Bean said yesterday that I should post about the ten ways I have been torturing her and her sister all day. Is it torture to pretend you are going to throw small children in the lake? What she calls torture, I call small gestures of love. I did not smack your butt, I gave it a love tap! Ok, it was torture to tell Punkin that I was going to drink the entire Mocha Latte with out giving her any. In the end I shared.

2. It is very nice up here. It’s been awhile since I have been up here and I forgot how great the view is.

3. The kids painted my toes. Each kid got one foot. Really, they don’t look to bad.

4. The football has been well used. Bean played with me a`lot. Interesting that when the ball is thrown right at her she is fine. Thrown high and coming down on her she is scared. I asked her what that was about and she said she was afraid it was going to land on her head and hurt her. We worked on keeping the ball in front of her, not directly over her and I told her that it only hurts for a few seconds then it feels better if she does get it with it so no worries.

5. While throwing, Uncle Chili commented that my mechanics were off and gave me some pointers. Today, my arm is sore.

6. My ear hurts too. I took a blow from Mr. Chili’s elbow while fighting for the ball. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t have my glasses on.

7. The water is choppy. It’s a big lake plus lots of boats. Kinda like being on the ocean. The wind actually took me all the way back in.

This shot was taken in the evening, after the wind calmed a bit.

8. My lips got burned. I lost my chapstick AKA “lips.” I don’t loose stuff. I don’t know what is going on. I lost my nail clippers too. We tried to find me some new lips up here but no luck. I’ll go back to the store where I bought it when I get home.

9. I wonder what they are talking about?


10. I almost forgot! This one should have been number one but I am leaving it here. My first plan was to come up here this Friday. I asked the boss(not to be confused with my friend Boss) for the day off, he said sure. I called him back the next day and said I needed to pick a different day because Friday is the day of the overdose vigil. He said I didn’t have to go, I said I wanted to. I said maybe I would take Tuesday or Wednesday off. He said to take Monday off so I would have a long weekend. Yeah, that would be great but I have way to much stuff to do on Monday so no. So Monday rolls around, I see him at the office and I say that I would like to take both days off. “Auntie! I don’t care! Do whatever you want!” Sometimes he can be a real pain (so can I!) and some days he is the most laid back guy I know.

 I am missing drug court today. The judge is going to be really cranky today. We lost the series to the yanks and have also lost the last two to the Los Angeles Angels of where ever the hell they are from. Mr. Traitor isn’t due back till next week though. Stay tuned, this is going to be good.




3 responses

30 07 2008

I am crazy-happy that you’re here.

30 07 2008

I’m with Bean, I somehow attract sports balls to the face. I’ve had glasses broken and bells rung and all that. It’s embarrassing and it feels crappy. Glad she’s learning to keep her hands up.

30 07 2008

Yeah, yeah, happy family time yada, yada, yada … when do we hear about your dangerous secret mission (minus a fabulous disguise and pictures)??

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