What Kind Of Blogging Friends Are You!?

28 07 2008

Why has no one called me out on the typo in the title of my last post? What. Ever.

And, I should have written bye instead of buy. Really people! Jeeze!



8 responses

28 07 2008

I so sorry.

29 07 2008

honestly…i thought you were trying to sound like Manny…

29 07 2008

typos are a fact of life, if newspapers, magazines, and books have them, why shouldn’t us ‘umble bloggers?

I have too many of my own to get into others’ foibles.

29 07 2008

I didn’t get to this until today, or I’d have fixed them for you (you KNOW *I* would have!!) Too late now, though – it’ll wreck the continuity of your posts…

29 07 2008
ks grandma

I was totally giving you credit for your creative awesomeness and I’m not backing off of that! And to think, I delurked to soothe your ego, remember to be careful of ours! Please?

29 07 2008

Unless someone has come along and corrected me I almost never correct them. Feels like stepping on toes, you know?

30 07 2008
Laurie B

If “Manny being Manny” is ok with most fans, then you get to have any number of typos. I wouldn’t fire you for them.

I do expect though, that you would make an effort to run to first once you’ve hit the ball. That’s the game, ya’ know.

30 07 2008

Hi ks grandma! Thanks for de-lurking! How long have you been reading?

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